• Nothing Is Ever Wasted

    Have you ever developed a program and launched it…and it turned out to be a flop?  You did not achieve the results you intended.  You may have invested way too much money and time developing and launching it and you are now disappointed.  As a result, you stashed it away or put it on the […]

  • One Focus. One Goal. One Action.

    Did you start your year with a bang?!  How is your year going so far? Are your workshops, webinars and virtual programs coming along nicely?  Or, are you finding yourself losing momentum? If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’ve set some clear goals for the year and distilled those goals down into actions.  But then, life […]

  • The Epiphany

    OK, I couldn’t leave you hanging about the big epiphany I got from my Consulting days.  What I realized back then has turned into the most important skill that contributes to my success today. I call it the skill of “YES in ACTION”. It’s the skill of saying YES NOW knowing you can figure out […]

  • Are you Having Fun Yet?

    Summer has arrived!  Are you having FUN yet? I am a kid at heart, but sometimes when I’m focused on my business and getting things done, I forget to have fun. I forget that even in the midst of doing my work, I can experience more joy with it. I can have more fun and play when […]

  • Taking Time to Reflect and Acknowledge Your Year

    My deepest gratitude goes out to you, my readers, clients and biggest fans.  Thank you for your business and your support and for referring me to others so I can continue to share my gifts and and make a difference in the world! As we move into each holiday season, it can often feel stressful and hectic, […]

  • Who are Your Power Partners?

    It’s not easy being a Solopreneur.  If you were like me when I first started out, I felt like I had to do it all on my own.  Part of why I left the corporate world was to have the freedom and flexibility to call my own shots.  I love that part of my business.  […]

  • To Be or Not To Be. Is That Really a Question?

    Do you ever notice how much our culture focuses on doing? We focus on accomplishing goals and once one goal is accomplished, we move on to the next one.  We measure our success by how much we’ve done and how far we have come.  Don’t get me wrong.  Taking action in our business and moving […]

  • 5 Debrief Questions that Lock in the Learning & Get More Business

    There is an Art and a Science to Workshop Facilitation.  When you master theArt, you become a true expert.  One of the things that requires is learning how to ask powerful questions and keenly listening for connections. You could be excellent at setting up and facilitating interactive exercises in your workshops, but if you do not lock in the […]