Is downsizing a crazy idea as a solopreneur?

In the last 6 weeks, I made a decision to downsize and move and it all happened quite fast so I’m just getting settled in now.

An interesting thing happens when you have to downsize.  It forces you to make decisions about how important things are in your life and whether you want to surround yourself with those things anymore.

While the process is not always easy, it really is freeing letting go of and not being attached to “stuff”.  You also realize what is truly important, what is “nice to have” but not necessary and what no longer serves you.

What if you applied that same thought process to your business? 

If you were to “downsize” your business…

  • What would you absolutely keep?
  • What would you let go of (or delegate)?
  • What do you truly deem as important?
  • What is “nice to have” but not necessary?
  • And, what no longer serves you?

When you “downsize” your business by asking these questions, you may end up with less, but you will achieve more in so many ways.

More focus and clarity.  More passion and commitment.

More of your ideal clients.  More of the work that lights you up.

More abundance and prosperity.

Are you ready for more of all of that!!?

If so, I invite you to practice the exercise of “downsizing” your business by asking the 5 questions above.  You may be very surprised with what comes out…and in the end, you may just be a lot more fulfilled.

I would love to hear from YOU!

Comment below with your experience of “downsizing” or your reaction to the concept.

Is it a crazy idea?

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