Taking Time to Reflect and Acknowledge Your Year

My deepest gratitude goes out to you, my readers, clients and biggest fans.  Thank you for your business and your support and for referring me to others so I can continue to share my gifts and and make a difference in the world!

As we move into each holiday season, it can often feel stressful and hectic, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  I like to use it to reflect and slow down.  It’s a great time to take inventory and regroup. It’s also a great time to decompress and rejuvenate. To assist in this process, I’d like to gift you a tool that helps you take inventory, regroup and set goals for next year.  It’s at https://www.workshopuniversity.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Take-Charge-of-Your-Business-Take-Charge-of-Your-Life-Pre-Worksheet.pdf from a workshop I used to run every January called “Take Charge of Your Business. Take Charge of Your Life”. 

I invite you to: https://www.workshopuniversity.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Take-Charge-of-Your-Business-Take-Charge-of-Your-Life-Pre-Worksheet.pdf  as it will not only help you reflect all the great things you have accomplished this past year but pull out your greatest lessons learned to bring into 2015.

And don’t forget to take these last weeks of the year to CELEBRATE, acknowledge where you’ve come and set aside some “ME” time. Disconnect from electronics, from the newspaper and from work and pamper yourself!

Recharge those batteries because 2015 is going to be an incredibly powerful year so take time to set yourself up for success!

Download the worksheet and comment below on how it goes for you. And, hey, if you are interested in the workshop this came from, let me know as I could be convinced to run it again 😉

And, of course, I always love to hear your comments, thoughts and ideas.

All the best in getting your message out to the world!


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