How our Speaking, Training & Coaching Programs Work

Our Experiential Keynotes, Training and Coaching Programs work best when they are customized to your group and your specific needs. That is why we do not believe in delivering off-the-shelf programs.

People hire us because we spend time with your leaders and teams to understand your business and your challenges first before we customize your program.

We ensure the terminology we use, the information we reference and the exercises we deliver in our programs directly reflect what you need and how your business operates.

Here are the 3 stages we step through when creating your program:

  • Stage 1: Needs Analysis

    We interview a subset of your Leaders & Staff  to understand your environment, your team and how the topic of the training will be used in your operations. We also send out a short survey to all attendees to gather expectations & challenges in advance.  We want to utilize as much time IN the training to get to the juicy stuff!

  • Stage 2: Customization

    Based on the output from the needs analysis, we customize the training content and exercises to address specific scenarios in your operations. We also ensure a strong background understanding of your business.  A highly customized course delivers 50% more value than off-the-shelf and achieves longer lasting results in the workplace.


  • Stage 3: Delivery

    Each course involves attendee engagement and experiential exercises every 10-15 minutes where participants work through real scenarios (we don’t conduct role-plays).  When attendees do the work, they apply it faster on-the-job. Following every training is a 30-day checkpoint and and an optional monthly E-tip to keep the learning active.


What skills and behaviors do your Leaders and Teams need to excel at? Where do they need to master?

Check out Workshop University’s Corporate Training & Coaching Programs that will best suit your needs.