Are you Having Fun Yet?

Summer has arrived!  Are you having FUN yet? I am a kid at heart, but sometimes when I’m focused on my business and getting things done, I forget to have fun. I forget that even in the midst of doing my work, I can experience more joy with it. I can have more fun and play when I’m “in it”.

I invite you in the upcoming month, when you are in the midst of a project or head’s down in something, just stop.  Breath. And, ask yourself, “How can I experience more JOY in this moment?

Whatever answer comes in, honor that.  Even if it means stepping away from the computer to take a short walk outside.  Or, picking up the phone to call a loved one.  Or, just to take 3 minutes to crank up your favorite dance tune and dance your ass off in your office.

However you like to experience FUN & JOY, go do it!  And, what better way to experience more fun than to do it with others.

Joy comes in the smallest places and can be experienced in every moment. No matter what you are doing, reflect on what you are grateful for in that moment.  Stop and take a time-out for YOU and most of all, remember that life is here for you to experience the wonder, joy and beauty all around you.

Let me know how it goes and until next month, here’s to more fun, joy and fireworks!


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