Nothing Is Ever Wasted

Have you ever developed a program and launched it…and it turned out to be a flop?  You did not achieve the results you intended.  You may have invested way too much money and time developing and launching it and you are now disappointed.  As a result, you stashed it away or put it on the back burner.

I was recently speaking with a colleague who did just that and I couldn’t help but think “Congratulations!” (I know, I often see possibility where others see failure). I can’t help but immediately go to the question, “How can you put what you already created to use in other ways?”

Whenever we create new content for any program, whether it be a keynote, workshop, virtual program, home study course, blog post, video or podcast we add gold to our treasure chest.  Our time and money is never wasted.

That content can be repurposed in so many ways…if we take the time to think about it.  And, even if it never physically gets repurposed, it’s important to take the time to glean the invaluable experiences and apply those in the future.

Here’s my invitation to you this month: Find some piece of content you created that is not being used anywhere.  Grab a colleague for a short 15 minute call and come up with as many ways as possible to repurpose that content.  Capture your ideas without judging or assessing them.

Then, review the list and pick the top 1-3 ideas that would be easy to do and have the highest value for your target market.  If you created a 6-module on-line program that didn’t go anywhere, imagine the ways you can use each module or even a piece of one module towards something else.

For example…

  • Blog posts throughout the year (target them for specific clients)
  • Podcasts every month
  • Recorded audio or video as part of a lead magnet/free gift
  • Converted into a tool/lead magnet to promote in a FB ad
  • Divide into smaller pieces and add to a Membership site
  • Submit parts to on-line publications
  • Customize for a different audience (sometimes, it’s the right content, but wrong audience)
  • Sell each module as recorded webinars
  • Offer pieces as bonus’ when promoting another program
  • Offer pieces of it as a follow-on to an existing program

…and the list goes on.  Happy brainstorming!

I’d love to hear what you end up doing with that “lost” content.

Please comment below how you will repurpose your content.

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