5 Debrief Questions that Lock in the Learning & Get More Business

There is an Art and a Science to Workshop Facilitation.  When you master theArt, you become a true expert.  One of the things that requires is learning how to ask powerful questions and keenly listening for connections.

You could be excellent at setting up and facilitating interactive exercises in your workshops, but if you do not lock in the learning at the end with powerful debrief questions, and listen for how the answers fit into the attendee’s transformation, you are missing a huge opportunity for their success…and YOURS.

People remember more of what they learned than what you said.  Powerful debrief questions have your attendees think for themselves and connect what you are teaching with what they need.  As a result, they will be hungry for your next offer.

When you create a learning environment that fosters change and transformation, you create a customer and fan for life!

Here are 5 Powerful Debrief Questions you can ask after every interactive exercise to lock in the learning and ensure change takes place after they leave:

  1. How many of you got value out of this exercise? (Raise your hand when you ask this as it encourages people to raise their hand as well)
  2. What did you experience?  What is one thing you got out of it?
  3. How will that impact the way you <fill in the topic you are covering at hand>?
  4. Based on what you just learned, what is one step you are willing to take to put that learning into action? (Notice I use “willing” not “want to” because if they are not willing, it won’t happen)
  5. By when will you take that step? What support and/or accountability do you need to make that happen?

The success of your workshop is beyond what attendees did while you were with them.  It’s what action they took when they left.  What did they do differently in their work or life as a result of attending your workshop?  When they take action in their life or business, then I believe you have truly succeeded.

I invite you to practice asking these 5 Powerful Debrief Questions to lock in the learning and notice the impact it has on the actions they take.

Inspired action creates results.  When your attendees produce results in their work or life, they are hungry for more.  There is always more room to grow and you will be the one they seek out to help them.

Let me know how it goes after you try using these questions. Post your experiences here! And, of course, I always love to hear your comments, thoughts and ideas.

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