The Most Strategic Way to Test Your Ideas

This is the year I’m turning a ton of my in-person Corporate Training courses into E-Learning Modules. Doing this allows me to leverage the last 2 decades of my Corporate Training experience while impacting more global organizations and generating more passive income to create freedom in my business and life.

Before I even developed the E-Learning platform or determined which courses to design first, I thought through what I believe my corporate clients most needed.

What did I do next? I passed those ideas by a few previous clients to get their thoughts. That gave me enough feedback to narrow my course list down.

From there I created marketing collateral outlining 6 courses to market to them. Did I have these courses on an on-line platform yet? No. Because I wanted to make sure these were the right courses to develop first.

From there, I pre-sold the courses with the collateral I developed. And, then the call came in, “We are interested in your E-Learning courses. Do you have a few samples we could look at?”

You better believe in that moment I was ready to get in action and yes, I was able to buy some time and within 2 weeks, I developed the platform and sent a link to my potential client (and several others since then) so they can get an idea of what it will be like.

Did I know in advance what platform I would house the modules on? YES.

Did I know what technology I would use to record the modules in? YES.

Did I have the general content for the courses? YES.

It’s not like I hadn’t thought through any of that before I started pre-selling but here’s what makes this process Strategic: Not once am I spending any extra time, energy or money on the next step until I get the go-ahead from a potential buyer.

Being Strategic is key and here’s the beauty…the same process can be applied to your own programs! I would hate for you to spend extra time and $$ when you don’t need to.

Here’s 3-Step Strategic Process to Test Out Your Programs

  1. Narrow in on your idea: Pass your idea by a subset of your target market first before you invest time, money and energy. This helps you formulate a better program to get ready to pre-sell.
  2. Get your ducks in a row: Determine what tools/technology you may need when the time comes to implement and be sure you have enough confidence (and time available) to develop the program when the client says “YES”!
  3. Pre-Sell your program: Create marketing collateral for your program and pre-sell it to previous, current and potential clients to see what pops. If it’s not the right program, it won’t pop. If it is, get ready to rock-n-roll!

Stay tuned in a few weeks on the next step in the process that has wildly opened up opportunities I never imagined existed!

In the meantime, I’d love to hear from you. What have you found to be most strategic when turning your ideas into programs? Comment below and let me know.

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