How One Request Turned into Unexpected Opportunities

About two weeks ago I shared with you the most strategic way to test out your program ideas without spending any extra time or $$. You can review that here for a refresher.

Out of that, I made one request to my Alumni list from where I worked in the Corporate world and what came out of that one request was even more unexpected.  Here is the one request I made:

Ask for teams to pilot my on-line program in advance.

Now, this concept is not new and you’ve probably heard it before.  I’ve piloted programs to Entrepreneurs for free but I’ve never made this request in the Corporate world and for an entire project team to pilot my training at no cost to them.

I’ve been delivering Corporate Training for over 20 years so to offer something for Corporate completely free sounded absurd to me.

Well, you know how when you give unconditionally, you get back even more than you ever expected? That is exactly what happened.

I not only got several teams willing to pilot the training in exchange for feedback and testimonials but I also got these unexpected results:

  • Requests for my rates for delivering the on-line training
  • Offers to introduce me to heads of Training & Development and other department heads if the training goes well.
  • Connections to key decision makers in large corporations that I would have never connected with otherwise.
  • No red tape with their finance or training department to become a “preferred” vendor first.

Did I have any idea making one request would reap all those benefits?  No! I just wanted a few pilot teams to commit to going through my training so I could customize it in the best possible way and deliver the highest quality training.

So, how does this relate to your business?

Where can you put just one request out to your network to assist you with one program or area in your business where you can be completely unattached to the outcome?

You might just be pleasantly surprised with what comes back!

I’d love to hear how it goes. Comment below and share the request you will make and what you experience.

Wishing you much prosperity this month!

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