Should you ever offer what you don’t have?

Have you ever had that “smack in the face” lesson that sticks with you forever?

I’ll never forget the moment back in Corporate when our CEO came back from a meeting with Lockheed-Martin and he said to me, “They asked about our Methodology and I told them I would get it to them in a few days.”

“We don’t have a real methodology” I thought…But, there was a deadline and a promise to meet…

I locked myself in a room with one of the other top Sr. Technical Architects and we whipped out our Design & Development methodology. A little angry I thought,  “I can’t believe he said ‘yes’ without having it. Talk about selling air?”

Ever had that feeling where you made a promise and then realized you had to figure out how to deliver on it? Looking back on those consulting days I realized a most valuable lesson…He wasn’t selling air or empty promises…

…he was selling a promise he knew we could deliver on.

…he also knew it was simply a matter of ironing out the how. Something he had complete faith that we would do.

Why am I telling you this? Because I bet you’ve had that moment in your business where you’ve wanted to offer a workshop to get more clients but didn’t because you didn’t have it fully designed yet.

Or, you wanted to offer that webinar but you were worried about the technology or getting enough people to register so you kept putting it off. I had a total epiphany thinking about this.  It made me realize something so critical to the success of my business that I continue to practice to this day.

More to come on my epiphany but until then, keep shaking up the status quo and see what areas in your business you’ve been putting off that it’s time to say YES to!

All the best to your success,


Jean M. DiGiovanna, President Workshop University

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