Are you feeling the love on your webinars?

by Jean M. DiGiovanna, Founder Workshop University

Are you a presenter or trainer at heart?  Does it energize you when you see the your attendee’s experience aha’s and big breakthroughs in your workshops or talks?

When it’s time to convert that workshop into an on-line virtual training environment, do you start to lose your energy?  Well, that’s exactly what happened to me as soon as I started adding webinars to my business. I was not that excited because I couldn’t get that in person connection I so longed for.

But then I realized, that connection has to start with me. So I began shifting my mindset around virtual training and found ways to connect with my audience that feel just as powerful. 

One of the biggest breakthroughs I had when delivering webinars came from one simple concept. If I wanted more connection, all I need to do is ask for it (and have them type their answers into the chat box).
Here are some “feel the love” questions you can pose at  intervals on your webinar to know exactly where your peeps are at. (Warning: When your webinars exceed 100 people those answers can come in so fast you’ll have to scroll back to see all of them.)
  • What is one aha or nugget of learning you are getting so far? Type that into the chat box. 
  • If you are ready to dive in, can you give me a “Bring it on!” in your chat box?
  • If you have experienced this before, type the phrase “YES!”  into the chat box
  • If you are ready to put this tool/tip/process into action, type in your chat box “I’m ready!”
  • Let’s take a quick poll to see where you’re at with what we just covered. Pick the answer that most applies: 
    • I get it.
    • I have a question about it. 
    • Its still a bit unclear
    • I am neutral

(You’ll need to set this poll up in advance in the webinar tool)

  • What is one word that locks in the learning for you? Type it into the chat box. (This is a great question to ask at the end of the webinar or a major piece of the webinar).  
Practice inserting one or more of these questions into your webinar and soon enough, you’ll begin to feel the love.
Got a question about engaging your audience on a webinar? Post it below or just me or call me at 303-413-8001.


  1. I love these tips! I do webinars once or twice a week and I am going to implement these immediately!!

  2. Thanks, Amanda Jo!

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