Here’s how to fill your webinars faster

by Jean M. DiGiovanna, Founder Workshop University

This is one of the most  counter-intuitive concepts to get, but if you want to fill your webinars faster, you need to narrow your topic and market even more.

Think about your keynote topic for a moment. How broad is it? Does it apply to many different types of people? Industries? Corporations? Challenges?

That may be great for a keynote talk, but when you’re trying to fill a webinar, the more narrow your market and more specific and customized your topic is for that market, the faster you will fill them.
Your goals is to market a webinar that calls to exactly what they need so when they see it, they have to say YES!
Do you remember the #1 purchasing principle that has people sign up for your webinar? It is this: right topic, right time, right price and right market.
I worked with a keynote speaker who is a body language expert. She delivers her keynote across several industries, but we created a webinar specifically for Sales Teams in the Financial industry called the “Top Tactics to Close the Deal Without Speaking a Word”.  
She was able to fill her webinar faster because she addressed a specific pain for a narrow market. 

 Here’s a quick exercise to help narrow your topic & audience.  Take a few minutes out of your day to do this exercise and see how it will help fill your webinars fast!

  • Pick one of your keynote topics that you would like to transform into a webinar.
  • Of the audiences you’ve delivered this keynote to, which specific audience did you most enjoy serving or working with? See if you can narrow that market even more by department, role, group or specific challenge.
  • With that specific audience in mind, what is the greatest challenge they are facing today with regards to your topic?
  • If you were to develop a webinar for that specific audience to address that specific challenge, what outcomes would they produce as a result of attending? What will they be able to do, be or have?
  • Now create a title for your webinar that addresses the challenge and/or the results you are promising. 
  • Viola! Now, you’ve got a specific webinar topic that will address a specific need. You are well on your way to filling your webinars fast!

Got a question or comment about filling your webinars?  Post below or email me at or call me at 303-413-8001.  Happy to help!


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