Has Your Business Lost Soul?

We are nearing the end of the quarter with one more to go…are you gaining more energy in your business or starting to lose steam? Are you still passionate about what you are doing and the direction you are going or are you feeling bored?

No matter how long you’ve been in business, there are times when you lose steam.  When you go through the motions and missing the spark.  When you do the same things over and over and missing the challenge.  This is completely normal and natural as you and your business shift and change.

Much like the ebbs and flows in our own life, our business goes through its own ebbs and flows. So if you are starting to lose steam or feeling bored and you are beating yourself up about it, I invite you to stop!

There is nothing bad or wrong about what is happening.  What there is to draw from is wisdom and learning. The ebbs and flows inform us. They wake us up to what we don’t want, and bring us closer to what we do want, to what brings us true joy and to what lights us up.

As I’ve been packaging up my content for high leverage, a big missing has been creativity and a sense of play.  While I experience the juices flowing when I’m up on stage or delivering training, it’s not always easy to keep it flowing when I go back to my office to “do” the work.

As a way to rekindle that spark, I started to tap back into passions that had been dormant like jewelry design and dancing.  While those passions are not directly related to my work, they have a huge influence on my work and my overall well-being.

Here are some recent creations I designed…


What lights you up that you put on the back burner because you are just too busy? What passions have been dormant in you?

The fastest way to get your steam back is to step away from what you ARE doing and slow down. Reconnect with what brings you joy and lights you up. It could be as simple as playing with your dog, spending time outside or having a nice hot bath.  Or, it could be taking an art class or planning a trip to a new place.  Only you know what gives you that spark of light, that sense of joy.

If you are losing steam, what is one step you could take to explore a passion of yours?

Your soul always knows what is best.  The path to your soul is through your heart, not your head. Passion, joy and excitement come from the heart.

I invite you to tap into your heart and take that one step to rekindle the spark and bring back the soul in your business.  You just might find it opens up other opportunities as well!

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