The Key To Getting Things Done Faster

The first of the year or first of the month or first day of the week can feel exciting. It’s a great time to set your goals, intentions and desires.

It can also feel overwhelming to break those goals into activities and specific actions.  We set these grand goals that inspire us and then when it comes to taking the actions we lose steam. Sound familiar?

Let’s say one of your big goals this year is to write a book.   You are super excited about it.  You know THIS is the year it’s going to happen.  You sit down to brainstorm on the activities that need to happen….create your outline, write the chapters, edit the book, create the cover.

All sounds logical, yes?  But, do you ever notice after you list out the activities, you feel frozen?  And then you start to find a million other things to do with your time?

The main reason this happens is because your activities are too big.   We forget to take those activities and break them down into specific actions that can be done in one sitting.

Yes, I said it – ONE SITTING – in other words, the action can be completed in 1 or 2 hours max.

When you can take an activity and break it down into specific actions that can be done in one sitting you are more likely to achieve them.

So, going back to the book example, instead of putting on my to-do list “create my book outline”, I would suggest something like “brainstorm on the areas I want to cover in the book”.  I do that for 1 hour and see where I get.

The next specific actions that can be done in one sitting might be:

  1. Organize the areas into buckets
  2. Order the buckets
  3. Name the buckets (these might match up with Chapters)

Are you more likely to want to take on these specific actions? Don’t’ these feel more doable?

As you accomplish your activities and move toward what you most desire this year, I ask you to take on this one tip:

Create actions that can be done in one sitting.

You will feel more inspired to tackle them and even more excited when you accomplish them.  That excitement will give you the momentum to keep going. 
You deserve to achieve all that you desire this year!

And, this one tip will help you get there.

Happy Action Planning!

p.s. Speaking of writing a book, if you are an author you won’t want to miss this podcast on “Helping Authors Get Their Book Noticed” where I was interviewed on “How to Turn Your Book into Money Making Workshops & Webinars”. Listen here.

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