How saying YES terrified me AND propelled me forward

Have you ever had one of those moments where something comes across your radar and you just can’t seem to get it out of your head? You know you have to act on it.  In fact, you can’t NOT act on it.

Well, that moment happened to me this week.

I said YES to submitting an application to audition for a TEDx talk. In that moment of saying YES I thought “HOLY CRAP, what am I getting myself into?!”

Every cell of my body felt terrified AND alive at the same time.  That wasn’t because I was scared to do a TEDx talk.  Yes I would be nervous but i’ve been speaking for almost 20 years now.  I was scared because I knew that it was time to stop hiding out and start sharing some new topics that have been brewing for a while now but not ready to birth….well, until now. 🙂

I spent a few days solidifying the details and getting help from my coach and a few of my closest colleagues and friends.  When I hit the “Send” button I was super excited and relieved.  But most of all, I knew that no matter what happened after that, my journey has begun.

Just by saying YES to submitting the application, ideas have been flowing in and solidifying at a super fast pace. In fact, this morning I got more insight as to how I would switch up the angle of the topic I submitted.  I could even start to see how it would easily translate into a book one my dear colleagues nonchalantly mentioned I would write.

I began to see how everything that has happened in my life and career has prepared me for this.  How everything was perfectly orchestrated for me to be qualified to share the message I’m going to share.

I know deep in my heart that regardless of whether I get accepted or not, it opened up the flood gates for how I’m going to expand.

Sometimes it’s super scary to say YES to that very thing you know you have to because your soul will die inside if you don’t.  Just today, this TUT from the universe by Mike Dooley came into my inbox…

“It’s impossible to be afraid, Jean, when you dwell in truth.”

What’s the thing you’ve been avoiding saying YES to that you KNOW will move you closer to your truth?

What would it take to say YES?

The world is ready and waiting…and so am I!

Now it’s your turn. I invite you to take on the workout below to explore what your next YES will be. Share your experience below.


Let’s Put it Into Action – Monthly Workout


Take some time out this month to explore your your big YES.

  1. What are some things that have been brewing inside and bubbling up asking for your attention? Pick one of those things that you feel most called to right now.  

  2. What is one thing you could say YES to that would move that idea forward?  (Regardless of how successful you are)
  3. What would you need to give up or let go of to fully say YES?

  4. I invite you to say YES no matter how scary it may feel, knowing that that YES will move you closer to your soul’s purpose and calling. You deserve it. We deserve it!

I’d love to hear how this month’s workout is for you. 

Share your comments, questions and experiences below!

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