Monetize Your Message w/Out Creating Anything New

By Jean M. DiGiovanna
One of the fastest ways to create massive passive income is to leverage what you already have, package it up into a product or program and make it available to your target market in a way they can digest it easily.

I’m going to bet you are sitting on a goldmine of content to leverage but it’s hard to know until you take inventory of what you already have. And, if you’ve been in business over 15 years like I have, there is a TON of content :-).

To help you monetize your expertise quickly, I’ve included a simple 4-step process below with My Inventory Template to inventory your “goldmine” so you can identify the golden nuggets that could make you passive income starting next month!

Your message matters. Your work matters.
The world needs your gifts. The time is now.

Let me know how it goes as you follow the 4-step process below.


Let’s Put it Into Action – Take Inventory of Your Expertise

All you need is to download My Inventory Template and follow these steps…here we go!

STEP 1: Create Your Buckets of Expertise
What specific areas do you help people with? For example, if you are a Health & Wellness Coach, your areas might be “Exercise, Mindset, Nutrition, Structures, Goal-Setting, Accountability”. Identify your areas and fill in My Inventory Template replacing “Expertise 1” in Column 1 with your areas for up to 6 areas (add more as needed). You’ll see in Step 3 why there is plenty of space in between each area.

STEP 2: Identify Sources of Information
There are so many ways you have delivered your expertise. For example, in your blog post, newsletters, broadcast emails to your list. Talks, workshops, webinars. live & online programs. Specific modules of programs you have developed (Live & OnLine), lead magnets & free gifts. Podcasts, interviews you’ve done, social media posts, book(s), audio, transcripts and of course, documents on your computer, notes in Evernote/notes, notebooks and post-its all over your office. Whew! I have included these sources at the top of the template, but I invite you to review the list and add any new ones so when you fill in column 3 of your inventory, you’ll have a complete list to choose from.

STEP 3: Start Taking Inventory
Pick one area of expertise identified in step #1 and start taking inventory of the content you have in that area. For each unique item in that area, capture a brief description in column 2, list the source in the next column and physical location of the content. The last column can store Notes on how you plan to leverage. As you add all the inventory in that area, create a new row and repeat Column 1. Do this for each area of expertise. In the end, you may have 10-20 or more items just under one area of expertise but remember, you don’t have to complete all the areas in one sitting!

STEP 4: Assess Your Inventory & Start LEVERAGING!
Pick one area of expertise and look at all the content in that area. How could you package that up into a product, an online course, a recorded webinar, a toolkit? That’s just one area. Look across all your areas of expertise. Could you combine a few areas to create a webinar series, a live event, a book? Capture your product ideas in the Notes column or on index cards so you can start to keep a stack of ideas to implement SOON!

You are sitting on a goldmine. Now it’s time to leverage the heck out of it so you can start creating massive, passive income.

I’d love to hear how the process goes for you. Post a comment below!

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