It Pays to Have Product

You’ve heard it many times…

Package your content into products. Create passive income streams.

Perhaps you’ve thought… “I should probably start creating product” and then the thought left when you got busy serving clients, getting your online marketing campaign going, getting your keynote or workshop ready to deliver or doing your 1:1 coaching.

There is no good time to create product but what I will say about product is the day you decide to invest your time & energy into it will be the start of a payoff for you.

Here’s how I know.

I packaged up my workshop & webinar design content into my Workshop & Webinar Success Program back in 2011. Since then I’ve sold hundreds of memberships to the program.

It gave me something substantial to offer at the back of the room when I spoke. It provided a way for those in my workshops to lock in the learning and keep the content alive after the workshop. It created a substantial value add when I offered 1:1 VIP coaching to individuals as they got full access to the program as part of the coaching package. That alone was worth $1997.

Now, I’m not saying you have to create a $1997 product or even a $997 product.  But, as soon as you stop trading your time for money it will give you the freedom to grow your business in new ways.  It also allows you to reach a global market and create time to pursue other avenues that interest you.

Another benefit that I never considered when I created product was I could leverage it to raise money for my favorite non-profits. If I didn’t have my home study course created I would not have been able to raise over $2400 in 24 hrs last week for a Voluntour trip I’m going on in January exceeding the donation amount required for me to attend  the tour.

The organization was so blown away by how fast the dollars came in and the donation amounts ($300 & up) that they asked me what I was doing to reach my goal so fast. They wanted to see the email I sent to my list.  In fact after seeing the email, the person managing the donations asked if she could take advantage of my offer.  She ended up making a donation and getting my home study course.

Did I ever imagine that happening?  NO! It really does pay to have product.  And, sometimes you never know how & when you’ll be able to leverage it.

I invite you this month to explore what you already do well and do often and package it up into a tool, template, video series, webinar series, audio series or home study program.  This will help open up the channels for ongoing income that won’t require so much of your time once you complete it.  In fact, I’m going to guess you already have a ton of “stuff” created that could be packaged into a product.

Do you have content recorded from webinars or podcasts? Have you been interviewed by others?  Do you have tools and templates that support your process?  There is no reason you couldn’t offer those to your list for $37 or $49 or $97.

Begin to see how you can start leveraging your expertise, reach a global market and have more time to pursue other things you enjoy in your business…and life!

Would you like to create product? Comment below with what kind of product you’d like to create and what questions you have.  I’m happy to answer them.

P.S. If you missed the crazy offer for my home study course, I opened up a few more memberships.  Just email me at or call me at 303-413-8001 if you want to grab one at that pricing.

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