Tips to Productize Your Workshops & Webinars

When you deliver high impact workshops & webinars (remember the equation for High Impact = Experience + Value + Action = E.V.A) and you are generating business from them, I am going to bet you have really GREAT content.  But, how are you making that content work for you?  Imagine creating passive income while you are sleeping and being able to impact people around the globe by sharing your expertise.

Here are some tools and tips we have learned so far to help you get started:

Tips to Productize your Workshops & Webinars:

  • Take inventory of what you have – I bet you have a lot more content than you may think.  And, it may not be in the form of a nice clean delivered workshop or webinar, but dig deep into all the crevices of your office, on-line folders, post-its and skim through your calendar to remind yourself of what you’ve delivered/created this past year.  Take the time to acknowledge that  🙂 and write a list.
  • Identify trends/immediate needs of your target market – As you think about the clients you have served, what are the biggest trends you’ve noticed?  What have been their greatest challenges? What do you feel they need right now that would help alleviate their pain and/or take them to their next level of growth?
  • Match your inventory to trends/immediate needs – This is where the rubber hits the road.  Just like when choosing the right workshop/webinar to deliver, you want to be sure whatever product you decide to create meets an immediate need of your target market.  If they don’t need the content now, they won’t buy it now.  Look to see where your trends/target market needs match up with content you already have.
  • Take time to design your product – Once you identify a few areas you could create product in, take the time to fully design what type of product (e.g. e-book, on-line training, tip booklet, downloadable tools/templates, workbooks, CDs, DVDs) and what it will consist of.  Write the outline of what you would deliver.  Just like in workshop/webinar design, unless you take the time to design first, you are heading for disaster.

Technology/Tools for Productizing your Workshops/Webinars:

  • Recorded Webinars – You can easily turn your recorded webinars into products and make them available for download.  Most all webinar tools provide the ability to record.  You can also turn your workshops into webinars for product creation.
  • Storage for your Products – Amazon S3, Vimeo, YouTube – ( |  |  (create a channel)) – Places you can store your products and then embed them in your web site for viewing/download.
  • Recording Software – Camtasia, Adobe Captivate – ( | ) – If your products incorporate more than just slides and you want more flexibility in editing your recording, these tools are great for screen capture with audio and editing after is easy.
  • Royalty Free Production Music  – ( If you are looking to incorporate music into your products, you can download these for free.