Workshop Preparation – Process & Checklist

So often, we focus so much on our content and preparing for the delivery that we overlook the necessary logistics of room setup and gathering of materials to ensure your environment is top notch for workshop delivery.

Utilize this checklist each time you set up and prepare your workshop materials and space.


__ Workbook/Participant Guide Printed and Collated

__Marketing Material printed and compiled (bus cards, brochures, future workshop flyers)

__Feedback/Evaluation Form printed

__Master Notebook with notes completed

__Agenda printed and prominent for you when you deliver

__Ground Rules pre-written on Flip Chart

__Issues/Action Items pre-written on Flip Chart

__Any other Flip Charts that need to be pre-written

__Compile Registration Contact Info – Attendees name/address/contact to verify

__Produce any Takeaway Tools


__Lined notebook paper pads for attendees

__Refreshments/Ice/Candy/Food/Bottled Water

__Print Name Tags

__Music Box and CD’s


__Flip Chart Paper & Stand

__Markers for Flip Chart

__Tape to hang flip chart (use the blue tape that doesn’t remove paint from walls)

__Name Tags



__Bell (for helping to end interactive exercises and get attendee’s attention)

__Scissors (just in case you need them)

__Pre-written Flip Charts

__Participant Workbooks/Handouts

__Evaluation Forms

__Takeaway Tools

__Master Notebook with Notes

__Registration Info of all Participants

__Marketing Material