It’s never too late to Spring Clean your Service Offerings

Have you ever done a spring-cleaning on your business? It’s something I highly recommend every few years and what better time than now! (This is especially valuable if you’ve been in business for 5-10 years).

What often happens after many years is we get in our comfort zone of what we can do and what we are good at.  Clients hire us and pay us so things are going great.  But, do you still love delivering it?  Does it still light you up?

Here’s a quick exercise you can take on this month to spring clean your service offerings so you are moving towards what your heart and soul desires.

When you are focusing only on the service offerings you love and tap into your genius, it creates more space in your business for new clients and greater income.  (And, don’t worry, there’s a process for dealing with the things you are good at but no longer light you up – we want to honor all the time and hard work you put into creating them).

Exercise: Spring Cleaning your Service Offerings

For each of your service offerings (such as talks, workshops, webinars, coaching, membership sites, sales funnels) answer the following questions as candidly as possible:

Do I still love delivering this service offering?  If yes, keep it for now.  If no…

  • What about it don’t I love?  Can I delegate those areas to someone else?  Can I partner with someone else who can assist me in that area?
  • Could I deliver it in a different way that I would enjoy more?  If not, step to the “Leverage Process” below.
  • Is it the topic I’m no longer enjoying? If so, how can I inject life back into it? Am I truly done with this topic?  If so, step to the “Leverage Process” below.

Leverage Process

Just because you lost motivation or shifted your focus or are no longer excited about something you’ve done in the past doesn’t mean you can’t leverage it to assist others.

Here are ways you can leverage your content and expertise and bring in passive income to boot:

Package up that service offering content into…

  • E-learning modules that you can license annually to your target market
  • A membership site where you can drip out content each month and charge a monthly fee (great offer to promote after a talk or workshop)
  • A book that can boost your credibility and act as a powerful “business card”
  • A workbook or card deck you can sell with other services
  • An on-line home study course/webinar series you can sell at the back of the room or at the end of an on-line sales funnel

I invite you this month to Spring Clean your Service Offering.

You might just be surprised by how much lighter you feel and how much more energy you have to focus on the things you most want to do.

Comment below and let me know how it goes!

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