Yes, Webinars can be Lucrative

While many of us have experienced making money from workshops and back of the room sales from speaking, the question I get often is, “Can you REALLY make money on-line from webinars?” I am here to answer a resounding YES, and with very little overhead to boot!  In this post, I share with you two scenarios to show you and three critical factors that need to be in place for rapid webinar success.

Let’s say you market a 75 min webinar to your target audience using Anymeeting, the free webinar tool (no overhead!) and at the end of that webinar, you make an offer for a product/service.

Scenario 1: On the moderate end, you charge $47/pp and 20 people register = $940.  Of those 20, 3 purchase your follow-on service/product at $147 = $441 bringing in a total of $1381.  Not bad revenue for 75 min of your time!  Of course, there are upfront costs for designing your webinar but it’s leveraged each time you run it.  And, to cut out marketing efforts and cost, find where your target market already convenes on-line and offer to be a “guest” presenter.  It’s what I do for a majority of my webinars and the marketing is handled by the organization who is hosting me.

Scenario 2: Even if you run a free webinar and attracted 40 people and of those, 30 listen live and let’s say 12 purchase your follow-on service/product at $57.  That brings you a total of $684.  Not as lucrative, BUT it’s a nice start!

On the flip side, how many 1-on-1 clients over time would it take to reach those revenue amts? With webinars, you can generate more revenue in less time than it would take to attract 5-8 clients over the next 3 months AND, these scenarios are on the modest end to show you what’s possible if you’ve never done this before!

To generate lucrative webinars, I highly recommend you have these critical success factors in place:

1. Factor 1: Your webinar has to be High Impact which = Experiential + V aluable + Action-Oriented (E.V.A).

2. Factor 2: Your target audience is eager to hear your topic AND needs what you have to offer, RIGHT NOW, not some time in the future.

3. Factor 3: Your follow-on offer (product/service) takes attendees to the next level AND is priced right.

There are so many more people who need to hear what you have to say.  It’s time to go global and give webinars a chance and I’m here to support you.  If you’d like to get in on the Workshop & Webinar Success Home Study Course to design high impact webinars, it’s not too late.