Tired of Free Webinars? Here’s an Alternative…

Are you tired of all the free webinar invites in your inbox and Facebook feeds? Are you tired of attending webinars where the last 20 minutes is spent selling the next offer?

If you are, so many other entrepreneurs like yourself are too. And if you market to entrepreneurs it’s impacting your registration and attendee rates.

What if, however you were simply valued for your expertise, delivered on that value and let people know how to take your content further…and you got paid to do that!

Well, it’s completely possible when you actually charge for your webinars. Why am I encouraging you to start charging for your webinars?

In the last several years the attendance rate of free webinars has decreased quite a bit. I attribute this to a few things:

  1. The saturated market of free webinars makes it harder to stand out.
  2. People’s attention span online is shorter and shorter.
  3. People assume they are going to get sold to so they stay away.
  4. There’s no stake in the game of attending once they register.
  5. The % of great content rich valuable webinars is few and far between. People are tired of listening to crap.

I’m not saying you should stop running free webinars. They are great for building your business and launching new content. They also serve a critical purpose in building out your evergreen funnels to automate your business and when doing product launches.

And I’m not saying it’s not possible to get a ton of business and product sales from the free webinar model. If you love delivering the speak to sell model and you’re getting great results then keep on keepin’ on!

If the thought of delivering your webinar with the speak to sell model (free webinar with offer at end) makes you want to run and no matter how much effort  you put in to perfect it it just doesn’t align with your soul then I invite you to explore  charging for your webinars.

We have no problem charging for our workshops where we deliver kick butt content that is immediately applicable so why not apply the same model when it comes to delivering kick butt content online?

I happen to be great at designing kick butt content so if you want to explore this new model and give your current webinar a makeover, I’m offering a “Virtual Webinar Makeover” at rock bottom prices so you can get your hard earned expertise out to your target market and get paid for the value you are delivering.

If you want to take advantage of this offer it will be $97 for the first 5 who sign up.  After that, it goes up to $197. (I can only fit up to 8 people this month).

The Makeover will include a review of your webinar slides (for up to a 60 minute webinar) and Set Direction template I will ask you to fill out so I know the purpose, target market and objectives of your webinar. Upon review I will send you a document of recommended changes to your content/flow and what to charge for your webinar. I’ll also let you know where you’re rockin’ it too (because knowing what you’re doing well is food for the soul!)

If you are tired of the free webinar model and want to discover a model that still leads to follow-on business I invite you to take advantage of this offer.

You deserve to get paid for your online content and I’m committed to helping you deliver great value for that!

What are your thoughts on paid vs. free webinars? Please comment below!

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