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I have to admit that after having come back from an amazing 3 weeks in Europe (work + pleasure) it has been a challenge staying motivated and disciplined. I love the freedom of being a solopreneur and calling my own shots. But it can surely feel isolating and it’s not always easy to stay on track.

You’d think after being in business for 17 years, I would have this “work” thing down.  But, I’m a “scanner” and scanners can have a hard time staying focused.

If you haven’t heard of the term “scanner”, check out the book, “Refuse to Choose”. A scanner has lots of ideas throughout the day and lots of passions and interests.  So, sticking with just one thing and staying focused on one thing at a time is a challenge. Can you relate?

Because so many things interest me, I have a pattern of waiting until the last minute to get things done. I used to call myself a procrastinator. I would make myself wrong for being a procrastinator. Then, one day I realized, “Wait a minute! I don’t procrastinate…I actually MARINATE!” 

Notepad with words idea, plan and action concept and glassesIt’s not that I’m not getting anything done. I’m thinking about the thing I need to do and ideas and solutions are brewing, but I don’t actually put it to paper until I absolutely need to.

Once I realized that I marinate and really AM moving forward, it gave me more freedom. It gave me permission to stop beating myself up and instead honor my own style.  I always got it done on time. The process just didn’t look the way I thought it would.

The other thing I know about myself is I need connection during the day and for those days I don’t connect (be it with others, nature, movement, music), I lose my grounding and start to allow the outside world to take over instead of honoring what’s true for me.

After speaking to a dear friend and colleague yesterday I not only got back on track, I remembered what I truly need. I remembered that I work best in short sprints of focus with time for play and connection in between.

We are mammals.  We aren’t meant to sit at a desk for hours straight, so why would I subject myself to that? I am also allowing myself to marinate and know that I’ll get what I need to get done on time.  

Now, your style may be very different.  You may love to work for 5 hrs straight and then play or play first then work for 3 hrs straight.  The key point here is to follow what works for YOU.  And, let go of the picture of what it “should” look like. 

Check out this month’s “workout” below to identify your style and start having a lot more FUN in your work. You may just notice a lighter spring in your step, a constant grin on your face and a whole lot more energy throughout the day!

Here’s to honoring what works for YOU and getting things done on YOUR terms.  

Now it’s your turn! Take on the workout below and let me know how it goes. Share your experience below.

Let’s Put it Into Action – Monthly Workout

Take some time out this month to explore your own work style and how it can work for you.

  1. When you think of the times your day flowed and you got a lot done, how did it look?  What were the key factors that made those days work?
  2.  When are you the most productive?
  3.  What motivates you and how can you include that into your day? 
  4.  Using the answers from questions #1-3 what kind of work style would work best work for YOU?
  5.  How can you honor that work style more often (without judgement, making wrong or comparing to others)? 
  6. What’s the one action you will take on TODAY to honor YOUR style? 

I’d love to hear how this month’s workout is for you. 

Share your comments, questions and experiences below!

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