Stage 1: Design & Develop Your Program

When creating your workshop, webinar or online course, design is the most critical stage. Course design sets the foundation.

If the foundation of your home is cracked, your house will not survive the test of time. The same is true when designing your workshops, webinars and online courses.

Take the time to set a strong foundation, and you will set yourself up for ongoing success.

The design stage sets the direction for your workshop, webinar or online course. Whether your event is live or virtual, the course design drives the development of interactive exercises, so attendees stay engaged and active, and they reach the outcomes you desire.

When your attendees experience learning “in their bones,” they remember it. Plus, they want to purchase your products, hire you and refer you to others.

Here’s the secret that might surprise you. Once you learn the process to design and develop your workshop, webinar or online course, you can apply that same process to create and deliver additional events

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