Stage 3: Deliver & Sell Your Program

Your delivery can make or break your workshop, webinar or online course.
There is an art and science to facilitating workshops and webinars – and making your offer with confidence and authenticity.

You are passionate about your work, that’s a given. But how on Earth do you impart the learning in your audience, then make your offer with confidence and ease?

Not to worry. Here at Workshop University®, we work with you 1-on-1 to teach you the art and science of workshop and webinar facilitation. In fact, you’ll learn a step-by-step process to make your offer, so it will flow naturally and come from your heart.

You deserve to share your gifts and talents with the world – and be valued for the gifts you offer.

You’ll learn how to deliver with ease and facilitate interactive exercises with confidence. Plus, you’ll also learn how to manage difficult personalities including the constant question-asker, the interrupter or that confused person who struggles to keep up.

Click here to secure a discovery session. You can tell us about your business, and you’ll get an initial Delivery & Selling strategy so you can get started!

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