You are a Gift

By Jean M. DiGiovanna

As we reflect on this past year and move into the winter solstice I am reminded of the calmness that comes with winter.  The slowing down, the going within and appreciating what is.  I glance outside to a winter wonderland and it brings back great memories.

As a child growing up in New England (yes that is me in the picture), we had our share of snow storms.  Every time it snowed, I could feel the biggest grin coming on my face. I would get up early and glue my face to the window watching the snowflakes fall so peacefully to the ground. I couldn’t wait to get outside to play in it.  It was so magical to me. 

When you really think about it, nature is quite amazing. In a matter of hours, snowflakes drop from the sky and pile up into this fluffy white stuff.  Not only that, every single snowflake is unique.  It truly is remarkable.  Every time it snowed it felt like a gift to me. 

To this day, I still feel like every snowfall is a gift. 

As I reflected on this, I started to see that each of us is like a unique snowflake.  There is no one like you that does what you do in exactly the way you do it. 

That’s what makes you a beautiful gift to the world.  You have a unique message that the world needs to hear…and only you can share it.

So, next time you are questioning yourself, your work, the value or difference you make; every time you are struggling to design your talk, or trying to figure out your follow-on workshop so you can attract more business…Stop.  Picture a winter wonderland and watch how each snowflake creates the amazing scene.

Honor what makes you unique.  Honor your personal style, sense of humor, quirks and shortcomings.  Honor the good, the bad and the ugly. Together it makes up your beautiful self that comes through in your speaking, workshops and your books. 

You are a gift to yourself. You are a gift to the world. 

Thank you for being a gift to me.


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