Take Your Mask Off

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays.When I was young I loved it for all the candy we got to have that we rarely had in our house (except in my mothers secret hiding places she thought we didn’t know about). We knew exactly which houses to hit up for the best candy – The Snickers, Million Dollar bars, Baby Ruth & Butterfingers.

Halloween photoAs I got older it was more about the costume. I loved the creativity it sparked in me. Who do I want to be this year? It was a time I could be someone else or something else I always wanted be. Getting into costume allowed me to take on a new persona, let down my guard, be someone I normally wasn’t. It was a time to experiment with my edges and creativity. As an adult, I still enjoy dressing up and going to a great Halloween Party. This is the first year, though I just wasn’t feeling it. I am actually relieved. I’ve been on the road with a busy work schedule and I’m looking forward to a mellow weekend.

But another thing struck me – What masks or costumes are we walking around with everyday?

What if the costume we chose to be this year was our true authentic selves – even the parts we’ve been hiding from the world? What would that costume look like? Who would we be?

I can tell you for me, I’ve not been truly honoring the level and depth of my own creativity. I’ve also been holding back on writing and speaking on topics that are near and dear to my heart but haven’t felt ready for prime time. I’m going to be exploring bringing more of those out into the world.

brunette girl holding a white theatrical mask
 What about you? I invite you this Halloween to take a deeper look. Who are you on the inside – what is your true essence? Who do you project to the world on the outside? Are they different?If you have a hunch they don’t currently align, what’s the mask you might need to take off so more of the world can get who you truly are and receive all of your amazing gifts and talents.

You owe it to your target market.You owe it to your audience.

You owe it to your colleagues, friends, your family, your significant other.

But most of all, you owe it to yourself.

As Mother Theresa stated, “It’s never been between you & others. In the end, it’s always between you & yourself.”

As Speakers, Coaches, Authors, Entrepreneurs and thought leaders in our field, we are the ones creating change. We are the movers & shakers. We are the ones people look up to to model and aspire to.

How much of your authentic self are you truly bringing out to the world?The world wants to hear your truth. The world wants to know what you’re really thinking. The world wants what makes you unique. Is there a persona you’ve been trying to hold together and project out hoping no one will discover what’s really inside?

Is there more of you the world hasn’t ever seen? What’s the mask you need to take off this Halloween for the world to get more of YOU?

I would love to hear your comments and experiences below!


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