The 3 Stage Process for Setting Intentions for the Year

By Jean Marie DiGiovanna

An interesting thing happened to me this year. I got so many emails in December on how best to set goals and intentions that I got caught up in how everyone else was suggesting it.  I was overwhelmed that I completely forgot about the process I use in my own “Take Charge of Your Business” 1-day workshop. 

It wasn’t until I shared the process with a good friend and colleague a few weeks ago that within hours she had her entire plan for 2016 completed in the 1-page template.  She then nudged me with, “You need to run this workshop again.That was super easy and fun!”

How often do you forget to utilize the very tools you created in your own workshops?

Time is of the essence so here are the tools to get started right away.  Download the Free Workbook with the step-by-step process for each stage and the 1-page template. It’s a straightforward process and it can be exhilarating too – kind of like being on a roller-coaster when you’re flying down (if you like roller coasters that is). 

Here’s the 3 Stage Process for Setting Intentions for the Year:

  1. Revisit Last Year – How often do you stop and reflect on your successes….and actually celebrate them?  What about the things you didn’t accomplish? You’ll get to take inventory (free from judgment).
  2. Review for the Learning – When things don’t go as expected, do you stop and reflect the learning?  Even when they go right, do you know why?  Here, you’ll pull out the learning to create your best practices.
  3. Set Your Theme & Intentions for the New Year – What’s your theme this year?  A word/phrase to hold a focus for the year and stay aligned with what’s most important.  What is your vision and intentions for the year?  Be sure to download the free visualization to help create them.

So often, we go from one thing to the next and from one year to the next without acknowledging our accomplishments and lessons learned. We wonder why we repeat the same patterns. We wonder why we feel drained. 

This year, I celebrated my accomplishments with a full day at the spa on my birthday (2 days after Xmas). It was so nice to soak it all in (literally).

Let’s Put This Into Action

Before you move into this new and exciting year, take some time out to fill in the Workbook.  Even if just one hour. Revisit and celebrate your successes. Reflect on the lessons and best practices you will take on.   Two of the best practices I’m taking on this year are:

  1. Stop waiting to try out new content – experiment and pilot it now!
  2. Say YES more without thinking too much 🙂

Listen to the 5-minute Visualization when you get the last stage so you can get “out of your mind” and into your heart. Take the time and make a commitment to your growth and development.  When you do that, you create the freedom to live your life and run your business by design, not by default.   

Let us know how it goes for you. Leave us a comment below with what you experience or ask a question – we’re here for you!

May you take the time to celebrate your successes, learn from your shortcomings and savor every moment in between.

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