You Asked. We Answered. On Getting Booked in Corporate & Licensing Content

Did your question get answered this month?  Check out answers to 3 of the questions that were asked in the last 2 weeks.  Is there a theme going on here?  Perhaps the same question has been percolating in your mind.

Enjoy and Happy August!

Question #1: “I would like to know how to effectively market and land corporate clients to sell them my workshops.” ~ Roslyn

Dear Roslyn: There is a lot to this question and an entire course that I started putting together months ago until a big contract came in, so I will relook at launching it but in the meantime, here are a couple of things you can do to get started right away:

  1. First get super clear on the kinds of companies/industries/situations that your workshop is best suited for
  2. Identify which groups within those companies could benefit most from your workshop and why (you need to sell to these groups the pain you will alleviate)
  3. Two of the fastest ways to reach your market is through speaking in front of them and through your existing network. I know it sounds like an old cliché but aside from speaking to your ideal market at a conference or association which I highly recommend you do so you can get in front of them faster, write up a list of who you know who is already inside a company who could use your workshop. Or who you know who knows those folks.
  4. Ask them for a warm introduction to the head of the group who could use your workshop.
  5. Set a clear intention of how many introductions you would like to have within a month and stay focused to reach that goal. The more introductions the more opportunities to get in front of people.

Question #2: “I have developed several workshops, and now, webinars for the fall, and belong to a number of networking organizations that are my target markets. I am not known for the business I do, and need to get some exposure as a speaker, or receive some Publicity.  I have considered hiring an agent to promote me, with their compensation being a percentage of my contracts.  Can you advise me on the best (and fastest) way to promote what I do and the results I can give businesses and their multi-generational employees?  Is it worthwhile to hire a marketing agent?  Is there anyone you would recommend? I’ve just published a best-seller as well”~ JoAnne

Dear JoAnne: The great news is you accomplished a huge step in promoting yourself – writing a best-selling book. One of the fastest ways to get business and publicity is to speak and now you have something to sell at the back of the room. Instead of attending the networking events of your target market, offer to speak to them, even if it’s free. At the beginning the goal is to get in front of as many of your target market audiences as possible. Regarding getting into the companies that could hire you, see the answer to the first question above for tips there. As for hiring an agent, I would only do that initially on straight sales commission. There is no risk or outlay of $$ and it never hurts to get assistance there. Be sure, though they know exactly what you do, the benefits, the pain points and they can speak to your potential clients about your topic and understand what their specific needs are. You absolutely want them to have strong consulting skills as well as sales skills.

Question #3: “I would like to get your guidance on how to generate some income from my content. I recorded two of my seminars, Time Management and Coaching Skills. These videos were on an e-learning platform for a while and now are not available on line. I do however have them on DVD / USB and am wondering if there’s a way to:

  1. House them on my website – see below – and collect $ from watchers; or,
  2. Park them on a site where they would generate $ from being watched? ~ From Doug.

Dear Doug: Congratulations on packaging up your expertise into online learning. I am assuming your target market are employees inside companies, so I would skip selling single licenses. I would house them on a site that has membership capabilities and tracks users logging in to see what they have viewed. An LMS (Learning Management System) is the best for this. Then, I would focus on selling licenses to groups of employees within an organization. The company pays for licenses where the minimum # is 50 or 100 and they then get access to the 2 courses. Or, you sell the course content outright in perpetuity and they house the content on their LMS system. I highly suggest offering 1-year licenses and if they purchase it outright you can save the videos as. HTML5 files and through an export program set the content to only be available for a year.

Well, I hope this edition of Workshop Universities E-tip has been useful. Thank you for your questions. Until next time, keep speaking your truth and changing the world with your message!

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