Leverage your Workshop and Webinar Content to Grow Your Business

Every Summer I take inventory of the products, services and content I have created throughout the year and figure out how I can repackage it to provide even more value to my target market. I learned back in the corporate world when I was a Management Consultant how critical reuse is, not only for saving time and energy but for increasing your margins and ultimately your revenue. Why reinvent the wheel if you don’t have to! Below are some quick and easy ways you can leverage what you already have to create fresh new value for your raving fans:

  • Create “free gift” or leave-behind e-tips – Take inventory of the ws/webinars/newsletters/articles/blogs you have created in the past year and pull out the top 20 tips and package it into a free gift or e-tip/e-book for your target market. These can be great leave behinds in your workshops and webinars as well!
  • Expand to new markets – Review your past workshops and webinars and with the content you already have, brainstorm with a colleague on additional target markets who could benefit from it. Begin researching the needs/areas of pain of those markets and viola! you now have a new market you can promote to without altering a lot of your content.
  • Offer your 1-hr ws/webinar to a business partner’s list – Seek out partnerships with other colleagues who share your target market but deliver different services and offer to cross-deliver your respective 1-hr workshop or webinar to each other’s mailing list. No skin off your back – you already have the content and delivered it before. You both get to share your message with more people and expand your mailing lists.
  • Create short videos – Review your workshop/webinar content and pick out 2-3 minute pieces you could turn into video training. Video is here to stay so get on the bandwagon, get all dolled up and show your audience what you are made of

I invite you to take on one of these items to increase the value you provide to your target market.  Let me know how it goes and feel free to email me at jean@workshopuniveristy.com or call me at 303-413-8001 with questions.

Enjoy and wishing you all the best to your workshop & webinar success!