7 Critical Success Factors to Running Money-Making Workshops

When you’re considering running workshops, here are seven factors critical to being successful.   If you are already running workshops and not producing the results you would like, most likely one of the factors below is not present.

1. Personal energy level
Does the thought of delivering workshops energize you?  It is critical for you to choose a topic that you are passionate about.  It will make a huge difference in your delivery.

2. Nature of content
Is the nature of your content conducive to groups or is it more tailored for 1-on-1 sessions? The reality is that some content and nature of delivery may not be suited for group environments.  Challenge yourself to think creatively.  There may be more creative ways to cover your content in a group setting than you may originally think.

3. Level of need
How badly do people need the workshop you are thinking of developing?  And, where do they reside?  Be sure that your topic is suited for your target audience and that your target audience sees a clear need or has an area of pain that you can address.

4. Time & Cost
How much time and what kind of budget are you willing to put in to design, develop and deliver workshops and seminars?  Determine how much time you have to invest and start small.  You don’t have to deliver everything at once.

5. Level of facilitation ability
Facilitation skills can be learned and sharpened over time.  Be clear on where you stand with your own skills, what areas need improvement and how you will seek assistance.  See more info at https://www.workshopuniversity.com/how-we-work/deliver-sell/

6. Instructional design skills
Translating content into a highly experiential learning experience is a specific skill that is acquired and learned over time.  Seek out appropriate tools and assistance to help you package your expertise into a memorable experience. When you start out with the right tools and process, the experience will be much more fun for you!  https://www.workshopuniversity.com/how-we-work/design-develop/

7. FUN!
Let’s face it.  If you are not having fun, then why do it!  You went into business to have the freedom to do what you truly want to do.  If the topic is not fun for you or the process is not fun, look to see what about that is not working and shift it.  Look to find how you can make it more fun, or ditch it all together and start from scratch.  When your energy is in the right place, your attendees will pick up on that and they will then want to follow you and purchase from you and/or refer you to others.  Go have some fun!