How to Ensure Your On-Line Course Will Sell

Have you been considering turning your expertise into an on-line program? If so you are on track for success with one of the best ways to leverage your time and make more $$. But how do you know your on-line program will sell?

I was just interviewed for an on-line course creation summit that will go live next month (stay tuned) and this topic came up as one of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs have when they want to create their own on-line program. 

Here’s the fastest way you’ll know if your on-line program will sell…actually start selling it! I know sounds crazy, huh? And so profound. But I can’t tell you how many clients before coming to me spend hours, weeks & months creating an amazing product that they ultimately have a hard time selling.

Please save yourself a ton of time & heartache and pre-sell it before you invest a ton of time creating it. 

I know, you’re thinking, “But Jean I know my market inside and out. I know what they want and need. In fact many have already told me.” That’s great, but they haven’t invested $$ in it yet. Even market research can only give us estimated info but until someone takes their wallet out and pays for it, it’s still just words & information. 

Now, I’m not asking you to go sell hot air or make something up. You still need to layout your learning objectives (promise of the program), tangible results your program will achieve and a high level outline of modules. But, if you know your stuff inside & out and have already taken loads of clients through your system 1-on-1 you can generate that info fairly quickly.

I’ve provided you 7 questions in this month’s workout below to create your program outline so you’ll soon have marketing copy to pre-sell your program. 

Before you pre-sell it, be clear of the date it will be ready and save enough time for you to complete it so you aren’t too stressed (I pre-sold my Workshop & Webinar Success Program 6 weeks prior to delivery. I was a few weeks late on the last few modules but it wasn’t a big deal). Best part is I got evidence right away that people wanted it because they put $$ down.

I guarantee once you get your first purchase you will be super motivated to complete it. If the sales are not coming in you can tweak the program content, delivery mechanism, price and/or marketing copy to see where the issue is. The great news is you haven’t invested a ton of time creating it to find that out. 

I urge you to let go of how scary it is to sell something that isn’t 100% done yet and trust you have all that you need to complete it ONCE the $$ comes in. 

Now, it’s your turn.  I invite you to take on the workout below to get your on-line course design created and share your experience (or fear) of pre-selling your course on my blog.

If you would like support in designing your on-line program to get ready to pre-sell it, ping me.
All the best to your success!

Let’s Put it Into Action – This Month’s Workout – On-Line Course Outline  

Step through the questions below to create the outline and marketing copy to pre-sell your on-line course:

    1. What is the purpose of your on-line program? 
    2. Who is this on-line course targeted for and what areas of pain will it address? (People buy to relieve pain)
    3. What will participants be able to do, be or have out of taking your course?  (5-7 High level learning objectives)
    4. If you were to break your course into 4-6 high level modules, what would those modules be? 
    5. For each module, outline 1-2 sentences attendees will get out of completing that module.
    6. What kind of projected results will participants achieve after taking your entire course? What is the change they will experience in their work and/or life?
    7. What initial price would you like to sell your course for?  You can pre-sell it at a “Pilot” or “Introductory” price to reward those who pre-purchase. It’s always easier to raise the price later but don’t underestimate the value you provide.

Congratulations! Now you’ve got the basic info to start creating Marketing copy for your program.  Be sure you feel completely confident you can deliver on what you include in the marketing copy.

How did you find this Month’s Workout? Leave a comment below.

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