You just can’t make this stuff up! The Power of Synchronicity in Business.

Ever notice when you are in the “flow” in your business, synchronicity happens, connections get made, opportunities show up and you experience pleasant unexpected surprises?

This is because we are detached from the outcome.  Being “in the flow” in your business is when thing are “humming”.  You are intentional, you are taking action toward your intentions and your ego and “mind-chatter” are very quiet.  You stay open, connect out of genuine curiosity and you are authentic in the moment without concern for “looking good” or for what others will think.

Just this week I had the experience of this and it was a great reminder to stay focused on what you truly want that will best serve your greater intentions and the greater good overall.  You may have recognized that I have a very strong intention this year of generating a lot more passive income so that I can have even more freedom to pursue other topic areas and courses I would like to design and deliver.

This requires me to package up more of what I’ve been doing and make it available to the masses.  I launched my e-learning platform and first e-learning course to a large cosmetic company last week and something interesting happened.  A woman who had trouble logging into the course reached out.

Turned out she realized very quickly after emailing me that her old email with her maiden name was used instead so she got in fine after all. In the meantime, though we had a very nice exchange where she shared how she loves L&D (Learning & Development) and how excited she is for the training. I responded saying “that makes two of us” and she then proceeded to tell me how she was sharing with her sister who works for the Global L&D  group for a very large retail company that she has been wanting this kind of training at work for years and it’s finally come.

Well, how ironic…her sister happens to work for a company I am currently piloting one of my virtual trainings with and literally that day had just completed several interviews with their staff.

What are the chances of that synchronicity happening?  You just can’t make this stuff up!

As a result of that email exchange, which came from pure connection and excitement for something we were both passionate about, she has offered to connect me with her sister in Global L&D and who knows what may come of that connection.

Think of a time when you were “in the flow”.  What kind of synchronicity showed up?  How can you stay in that place of “flow” more often?  What might you need to give up in this moment to get back to being in that flow?

I invite you this month to let go of your attachment to where your next lead will come from, who you can meet to get into XYZ company, how you will sell your follow-on program and instead, stay in the moment. Focus on your bigger why, your greater intentions and keep taking action toward those while staying curious and genuine.

You never know what or who might show up in the meantime!

I’d love to hear about the synchronicity that has shown up in your business when you were focused on your greater intentions and goals.  Comment below and let me know.

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