I Don’t Want To. I Don’t Have To and You Can’t Make Me!

Being an Entrepreneur is not an easy task.  

Especially during those days where you think, “I don’t want to…I don’t have to and you can’t make me!”

You know those times where if it weren’t for those dang clients, we’d be sitting on a beach drinking margaritas.  And, if it weren’t for those dang clients, we would not even have a business!  (It’s easy to forget that when the going gets rough).

I am in the thick of converting several in-person Corporate training course to e-learning modules and just when I think things are finally coming together, some part of it rears it’s ugly head.

I set very high expectations of my work and reputation and I am not one to give up, but what I have learned over the years is it’s important for me to know when to give over.  When to trust that even though things may be looking bleak right now, I will look back at it and know exactly why it went the way it did. 

Our setbacks lead us in directions that our soul would not normally go if our mind were in charge.  And, those are the paths that are a whole lot more juicy and rich with life lessons and deep growth experiences that make us an even better Entrepreneur. 

In addition to giving over, the other biggest factor that keeps me together during stressful times is remembering my bigger vision…my higher intention and reminding myself, “I’ve got this!”

My vision this year of generating massive passive income to allow me the freedom to grow my business in new ways is so strong, unwavering and intentional that even when the going gets rough, I remember that “North star” and I get grounded again.

What is your North Star? 

What is that big goal or vision you have for yourself and your business that holds so much focus for you that you are unwilling to go off track?

If you do not have the answer to that just yet (and it’s ok if you don’t), I invite you in the next 2 weeks to dwell in that question.  

Because, when you know the answer, it not only gives you greater purpose in what you do, but greater faith that you are on the right track no matter what life throws at you. 

I’m curious to hear what your North Star is.

Comment below and let me know! 

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