Do it YOUR way in 2014!

Happy New Year from Workshop University!

I don’t know about you but I have been completely bombarded with a ton of newsletters and inspirational quotes around setting goals, setting intentions, creating your theme, coming up with 3 focus words and making sure you do it all on the new moon which was January 1st.  So, I jumped on the bandwagon and started creating my own intentions and figuring out what my theme was for the year. After all, I do this every year and I used to teach this every year. But this year, I felt a lot more pressure.  It wasn’t until I finally said “ENOUGH” and let it all go that I started feeling more free again.

For those of you who’ve been feeling the same way, I’m here to say its perfectly ok! It’s okay if you haven’t set your intentions yet or you haven’t created your goals yet. The universe will still support you. It’s ok that you haven’t thought of your theme for the year or created your vision board yet. What’s most important is that you honor what works for you.

It took me weeks to finalize my theme for the year. It went from “Yes! To Living Life Fully” to “Yes to Living Life Fully and Having it All” to “Break Out” to “Break Free” to “Allow” and then I finally settled on ( drum roll please…)  “Let go and Allow”. Now that feels a whole lot better to me.  When I embrace that theme, I start breathing and relaxing into who I truly am again.


So here’s my invitation for you: Relax & let go. Let go of having to do it right or having to do it a certain way or having to do it when the energy of the moon is the strongest because that’s what someone else said. Do it because you want to and when you believe it’s important to do.

Let go of the pressure of having to do it now and allow it to unfold in perfect divine timing. Just to be clear I’m not saying slack off and be lazy and sit on your couch all day waiting for all that you desire to simply come to you. I’m asking you to stop beating yourself up for what you haven’t yet set and instead give yourself the space to create and marinate.

Take the time out to consider what lights you up and what you truly desire this year and see how it unfolds over the month. I bet when you allow yourself the freedom to do it your way, by the end of the month you will be a lot more clear and excited to move into 2014!

My wish for you this year is to honor your unique self, honor your unique process and live life in a way that lights you up.

I look forward to seeing your brilliance and gifts light up the world this year!