Ditch Your Goals?

Have you ever set goals in January and then wondered why you were not acting on them?  When you look back at last year’s goals, were there several you wanted to achieve but it just never happened?

Maybe the goals you kept putting off were not meant to happen at that time. Maybe those goals you set in January are not even valid anymore.

Just this week, I noticed I’ve been losing juice around a few of the goals I set this year – goals I felt pretty excited about in January.  I have experienced so much accumulated growth since then that the goals I created don’t really align anymore. I also realized some were carried over from last year and they still don’t have the juice.

Then, a thought popped into my head: “What if I just burned my goals and started with a clean slate?” Sounds extreme, but it also felt freeing.  I am now on a mission to ditch my goals!

Why?  Because when my level of aliveness is not aligned with the goals I set out, they won’t happen.  Instead of forcing, pushing and making them happen, I’m going to re-evaluate, take a step back and see what my true heart’s desire is.

If you’re starting to lose juice around some of the goals you set this year, I invite you to step through this Month’s Workout – The Goal Activation Process to see if you need to keep them, tweak them or ditch them all together!

When your energy truly aligns with your goals, you will not only be motivated to achieve them, you will be a better person for you, your clients and the world.

Let’s Put it Into Action – This Month’s Workout – The Goal Activation 


Step through these questions below to see if it’s time to ditch your goals! (Of course, this assumes you have set them in the first place).  For each goal you created:

    1. On a scale of 1-10 how alive do you feel about achieving that goal? 
    2. If your rating is a 7 or lower, what would it take to crank it up to an 8, 9 or 10? 
    3. Would moving it to later in the year change your rating?
    4. Would seeking out assistance with completing it change your rating?
    5. What other criteria could you tweak around the goal to make it more appealing? (E.g. If it’s a service you set a goal around delivering, could you charge more? Deliver it differently?)
    6. If none of those tweaks change your rating, I invite you to ditch it and start with a clean slate. What does your heart desire to achieve this year? Let the ideas flow without judging or assessing.

I’d love to hear how this Month’s Workout is for you. Leave a comment below!

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  1. Having played the role of Wonder Woman all of my life, and being an Achiever as denoted by the Enneagram, this reversed Knight of Wands is quite significant for me.Am definitely in a transition of moving from "making things happen" to becoming the monk with rice bowl sitting on top of the mountain, contemplating. Not an easy transition. Going with the flow is a good way to put it. Even though I don't always post a comment, Intuitive Tuesday means a lot to me. Thank you, Sheri!

  2. I want to know this too. Praying for an answer. It is some kind of motion tracking. I guess it might be PFTrack and perhapds After Effects, but I sure would like an to confirm how the floating 3-D text was done.

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