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Engage your group with a master of experiential learning – an engaging presenter who teaches a powerful approach to turn information into lasting results.

A highly sought-after speaker, trainer and coach, Jean M. DiGiovanna offers a unique gift for turning information into an experience that leads to lasting change. She knows how to help professional speakers, coaches and entrepreneurs uncover their unique expertise and message, then turn this into money-making workshops, webinars and online courses.

Jean speaks in the following markets:

  1. NSA Chapters & Speakers Associations
  2. Associations/Entrepreneur Groups
  3. Corporate (Executives, Departments, Cross-Functional Teams, Staff)
  4. Making Conferences & Meetings More Engaging and Results Oriented

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Watch Jean in action:

“We asked Jean to speak at NSA-Colorado, and we are so glad we did. We have a discriminating audience with lots of CSPs and CPAEs who demand tactical and high-level information. She wowed them all! Everyone left with information they could use right away to make their talks more experiential and get more bookings. Jean’s talk is tailored perfectly to the needs of NSA members, and I highly recommend her for any chapter.”

~ Traci Brown, VP of Programs and President-Elect, NSA-Colorado

“I was fortunate to attend Jean’s talk ‘Turn your Keynote into a Workshop’ presentation. I’ve always wanted to deliver both keynotes and workshops and knew I had a lot more content to offer. Jean walked us through a process and gave us specific tools we could use right away. I was able to put her techniques into immediate use, and I got great results from it.”

~ John Register, President, Inspired Communications, Intl.