Tips for Marketing Your Workshop & Common Pitfalls to Avoid

Marketing your workshop can be time consuming and challenging for some, but there are many ways you can leverage your own network and the network of others to help spread the word.  And, there are many low-cost and no-cost ways to market your workshop.

Here are some tips to keep in mind and common pitfalls to avoid when marketing your workshops.

Tips for Marketing Your Workshop

  • Set clear intentions upfront in terms of attendees you want to attract. When you are very clear about whom you want to attract and how many attendees and you truly expect that, an amazing thing happens.  Your intention comes true.  When you set clear intentions, you are putting that desire in motion.  But, remember, they will only set in motion when your belief and your emotions/feeling about it align.  Try it out and see what you attract!
  • Know your target audience. Where do they go?  What do they read?  Where can you find them?  That is where you need to be marketing.
  • Create marketing copy that draws people in. Create copy that speaks directly to your target audience.  Be sure it’s all about them.  This is not about you! It’s about the benefit they will get out of attending and how it will impact them directly.
  • Market up to 30 days in advance and send out reminders periodically. Be sure to market your workshop a month in advance to start and then periodically following.  You will need to get in front of people’s radar several times to get their attention and marketing it early on will allow for them to place it in their calendars and work around it.

Common Pitfalls to Avoid

  • Marketing a workshop you are not passionate about. Be sure you really want to do this – when you do, it will feel effortless because your passion will shine through. If you don’t, you will dread marketing it and you will not attract the number and quality of attendees you are looking for.
  • Waiting to Market until your entire workshop is developed. You don’t have to have everything developed to market your workshop – get your marketing copy ready, be clear on your objectives and set up the logistics (date/time/location).  Then, market it!  As soon as registrations start coming in, it will surely inspire you to complete the content. J
  • Underestimating the power of your network. Seek out those in your network who are centers of influence.  They know have lots of connections and can help you market your workshop.
  • Getting discouraged if you have low attendance. Continue anyways trust they are the perfect people to be there and the experience will be priceless.

Key Takeaway Points

  • Take on the marketing activities that align with who you are. Don’t force yourself to market your workshop in ways that you despise.  If going to networking events is not “you”, then take on other ways to market.  If you enjoy writing, incorporate your marketing into that.  When you take on approaches that are more aligned with your own style, you will be more confident and attract who you truly want.
  • Get feedback on your marketing copy. If you are unsure about the impact of your marketing copy, send it out to a few individuals in your target audience and get feedback.  It is a great way to solicit the valuable information you need to enhance your offerings and present yourself powerfully.
  • Seek support and ask for help. You do not have to do this alone.  Seek out the support you need! You may be pleasantly surprised with all the people who want to help you.  See more info on Workshop Coaching under Our Courses.
  • Have fun and follow your energy & passion!! Go with where you aliveness is and you won’t be lead astray!  Remember, people want to learn from people who are passionate and energized about their topic.

Action Planning

“Unless what is learned is applied, there is no learning.”

Action Item Table

It’s time to put your learning into action.  Come up with 1-3 actions you will commit to taking on to Market your workshops with ease.  Identify a time-frame for completion and any accountability or support structures that would assist you in completing the action.

If you are not willing to take the action on, remove it from the table. It will only clutter your mind and drain your energy by keeping it there.

Specific Measurable Action

By when





“That which you set out, deliberately create and believe in will come to you.  With steady focus, a clear mind and an active spirit, anything is possible.”

~ Jean M. DiGiovanna