Technology Tools and Tips for Workshops & Webinars

For Marketing and Promoting your Workshops & Webinars

  • – list your websites for free and for fee. We have worked together on previous projects and they know how to leverage social media to get your webinar out to thousands.
  • – manage your workshop/webinar events, includes promoting and registration for those who may not have a robust site for registration and want an all-in-one package.
  •– this is a fairly new site for a list to place and promote your webinars.

Webinar Software Tools

  •– this is the next webinar tool I will be intensely reviewing. I have used GotoWebinar extensively and am not thrilled with the features and ease of use by all users (Mac & PC). I’ll keep you posted on my findings.

Tools for Organizing, Focus & Project Planning

Tools for Creating Engaging Workshop & Webinar Material

  • – free and easy to use websites for finding images for your workshops, webinars and presentations
  • – presentation tool to quickly convert your static presentations into “movie-like” presentations that engage your audience.

Tools for Incorporating Video

I invite you to check out these tools out.  Let me know how it goes and feel free to email me at or call me at 303-413-8001 with questions.