Afraid to get started with Workshops?

It can feel pretty overwhelming to create your first workshop, especially if you are just trying to wrap your head around finding clients, keeping up with social media and building your list.  It doesn’t have to feel that way!

Follow these core principles below to get started with running experiential workshops and notice how much more light, fun and free it can be to start turning your hard-earned expertise into money making workshops!

  • There are plenty of people to go around

When you come from abundance and truly believe there are plenty of people who can attend your workshop, you will soon experience just that!  Remember, that which you focus on, you attract.  And, no one, even if they do the same things that you do will ever deliver the same exact content in the same exact way that you do.  Your peeps will be attracted to you because of who you are.  Those that don’t sign up aren’t for you anyways.

  • Start small and do something you are comfortable with

Being a skilled facilitator is important, but start small with something manageable, even with a small “pilot” group (5 people or less) and try it out!  Remember, practice makes progress.

  • Seek support and ask for help

You do not have to do this alone.  Seek out the support you need! You may be pleasantly surprised with all the people who want to help you.  To seek info on 1-on-1 Coaching, go to

  • Have fun and follow your energy & passion!!

Your level of aliveness will never lead you astray.  Follow what brings you alive and go do that.  Remember, people want to learn from people who are passionate about their topic.  Your energy is contagious and once they experience you delivering your expertise and passions, they will want to sign up for more!