Our Interactive Keynotes: The Renaissance Leader. The Renaissance Culture.

The word Renaissance comes from the French verb renaitre, meaning “to revive” and the noun naissance, meaning “birth”. The Renaissance was a time of rebirth; a time of invention and innovation. Human potential expanded and those with a medieval mind-set were left behind.

Leaders from this time period not only challenged the status quo and thought beyond the “medieval box”, they had an extremely diverse set of skills, gifts & talents they shared with the world (e.g. Philosopher, Scientist, Artist, Engineer). They were disruptive thinkers and innovators.

Fast forward to the 21st century. These influential leaders today would be called strong “generalists”. We would hire them for one or two of the skills they excel at and fully utilize them for that. And over time they would become unmotivated, underutilized and pigeon holed in their positions.  Then we wonder why they left.

We have become so intent on filling a role for skills & talents we have lost site of their unique gifts. How many of your extremely gifted and talented well-rounded leaders & individual contributors leave because they are not recognized for their full range of gifts & talents?

Your organization is a goldmine of incredibly talented people but more often than not, many of those talents are hidden – not even known. Those are the very talents that could discover the next brilliant idea, direction, process or product that surpasses your competition. Those are the very talents that innovate, that create smoother & faster paths to success and that make your company an exceptional place people thrive.

Your people are your #1 resource but how focused have you become on looking for specific expertise that will get the job done, that you have missed out on the powerful, innovative change agents that can take your organization leaps & bounds ahead.

Don’t get left behind in the medieval times. Become the Renaissance Company that the 21st century so desperately needs. Attract, reward and deeply get to know, recognize and fully utilize your Renaissance Leaders and Renaissance employees. Otherwise they will leave to start their own rapidly growing successful company.

If you are tired of great talent walking out your door, if your culture lacks the motivation, inspiration and innovative thinking you seek and you want to create a Renaissance Company, I invite you to check out the talks below so your organization can make the kind a mark on this 21st century like the Renaissance Leaders did during that period.

How to Become a Renaissance Leader

Organizational Leaders, who thrive in the 21st century, do three things well;

  1. They challenge the status quo
  2. They make connections others aren’t making
  3. They ask the questions other leaders aren’t thinking to ask.

We are living and working in the next renaissance and today’s leaders must adapt.

So…what does it mean to be a Renaissance Leader? How do original thinkers disrupt business as usual? Why does it matter? And…how can you learn these new skills? Your presenter, Organizational Consultant, Renaissance Thinker and Author, Jean Marie DiGiovanna, will energize your mind and heart, as she shares the vital skill-set needed in our rapid-fire global business climate, to help us expand our thinking and harness the power of visionary leadership.

In this interactive session, you will discover:

  • The #1 Skill Renaissance Leaders possess… and why it is critical to your organization’s success.
  • What it means to “think” like a Renaissance Leader and create connections that magnify the value of your people.
  • How to “ACT” like a Renaissance Leader by applying the Renaissance Core Practices.

Session Length: 30-90 minutes

How to Create a Culture Where Renaissance Leaders Thrive.

The word Renaissance comes from the French verb renaitre, meaning “to revive,” and the noun naissance, meaning “birth”. The Renaissance (1300-1700) was a time of rebirth; a time of invention and innovation. Leaders from the Renaissance were multi-talented and expressed their unique set of skills, interests and gifts. They were disruptive thinkers, always asking “Why,” as well as “Why not?” They paved the way for new ways of seeing the world, and in the process, changed the very world they were observing. I guess you could say that the Renaissance-superstars were the fathers and mothers of the “paradigm shift.” Their curiosity and ingenuity left the medieval-mindset in the dust.

In order to thrive in the 21st Century, Organizations need to learn some key lessons from these great thinkers. Companies can no longer depend on a handful of experts who fill a specific role. They must cultivate leaders whose skill-set runs both deep AND wide. This program, led by Organizational Consultant and Author, Jean Marie DiGiovanna, will teach you the secrets to creating a culture that uncovers, attracts and cultivates these Renaissance Leaders.

In this interactive session, participants will discover:

  • How to identify the Whole-Centered Renaissance Leader.
  • The 5 Imperatives of a Culture that retains, engages and cultivates Renaissance Leaders.
  • How creating a Renaissance Culture will give you the competitive edge in the 21st century.

Session Length: 30-90 minutes

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Partial Client List

    • Akibia
    • Astrazeneca
    • Avon Corporation
    • Boston Consulting Group
    • Babson College
    • Boston College
    • Blue Cross Blue Shield
    • Caliper Life Sciences
    • Celanese International
    • Novell
    • Cognizant
    • Deloitte Consulting
    • Delta Airlines
    • Endeca
    • International Coach Federation (12 Chapters across the US)
    • McKinsey & Company
    • Mendix
    • MIT Sloan School
    • National Speakers Association (over 20 Chapters across the Globe)
    • New England Consulting Partners
    • Novell
    • Partners HealthCare
    • Razorfish
    • Simon-Kucher & Partners
    • Unica Corporation
    • Veracode
    • Vertex Pharmaceuticals
    • Viant

Rave reviews

“We asked Jean to speak at NSA-Colorado, and we are so glad we did. We have a discriminating audience with lots of CSPs and CPAEs who demand tactical and high-level information. She wowed them all! Everyone left with information they could use right away to grow their business. Jean’s talk is tailored perfectly to the needs of NSA members, and I highly recommend her for any chapter.” ~ Traci Brown, VP of Programs and President-Elect, NSA-Colorado

Richard Bryan raves about Workshop University“When Jean DiGiovanna spoke to the NSA-Colorado Chapter, I found her techniques useful in making my program more interactive. Following that, I hired her, and she helped me transform my keynote into a workshop for business owners that was far more interactive. I’m getting great referrals and reviews, and my product sales increased from 35% to 65%.” ~ Richard Bryan, Strategic Leadership Speaker & Expert

Merit Gest raving about Workshop University“I hired Jean to help me transform my Vistage workshop. She reviewed every slide and script, and asked insightful questions. I implemented her recommendations and saw a huge increase in results. Jean’s Workshop University® process gave me a new way to deliver my material that is much more engaging for participants. They have more fun. They learn more. My scores went up dramatically, and my business has increased because of the way we redesigned my ‘Next Steps’ handout. I saw an immediate ROI after working with Jean.” ~ Merit Gest, Sales Performance Expert and VP of Membership, NSA-Colorado

Sharon Weinstein“Jean DiGiovanna definitely presents with the WOW factor! NSA-IL attendees at her recent 4-hour workshop were overwhelmed with her style, delivery, and more. Jean is a brilliant communicator.  Jean conveyed her message with skills that are unmatched in the industry. Her ability to interact with and engage participants was beyond amazing. From handouts to tools, from style to presence, Jean DiGiovanna is a natural trainer, and I recommend her highly to any adult learning audience.”

~ Sharon M. Weinstein, Speaker/Author/Work-Life Balance Coach (Program Committee for NSA-Illinois)

Video Testimonials

Jean Marie Speaks at National Speakers Association of Illinois Chapter

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Bio for Jean Marie DiGiovanna

A master of experiential learning – a powerful approach that creates lasting results for her clients.

Jean Marie DiGiovanna, CPCC, is an international speaker, corporate trainer and certified executive coach, with over 20 years of experience in leadership, communication, team effectiveness and productivity.

She has run large-scale programs across the globe training as many as 100 employees per month in consulting skills and team effectiveness. She has facilitated team norming and intervention sessions with hundreds of project teams across the globe. She coaches leaders to align their unique talents with their leadership style; shifting how they communicate with their teams and thereby improving results.

Jean Marie was named a “Top 10 Coach of Boston,” by Women’s Business Boston. She is the co-author of Success is a State of Mind and the author of Wake Up To Your Life: Monthly Workouts for the Mind, Heart & Soul. She has spoken to over 20 Chapters of the National Speakers Association, helping Professional Speakers and Trainers develop high impact, experiential programs. Jean’s programs are always highly engaging and content-rich, with tools you can apply immediately to grow your success.