GET-IT-DONE SERIES: Get Your On-Line Program Ready to Pre-Sell 

Do you keep putting off the design of your on-line program? Are you still investing a ton of TIME, MONEY & ENERGY creating it before you even know if it will sell?

What if you could find out right away if your target market needs it and then get paid to complete the content? 

You CAN if you PRE-SELL it!

End the procrastination and join us to GET-IT-DONE from the comfort of your office.

(Limited to 10 lucky peeps to allow for 1:1 Time & Personal Coaching)

Are you are a Speaker, Coach or Entrepreneur who has a ton of valuable content and expertise but you...

  • aren't sure if your idea for an on-line program will even sell?
  • get into analysis/paralysis with your content that it makes your head hurt!?
  • wonder if you will ever complete your on-line program?
  • feel it's too risky to sell your program before you fully complete it?
  • constantly push your on-line program to the bottom of your to-do list?

If any of these resonate with you, this Training may be just what you need.

In this 1-day "Get-it-Done" hands-on training you will:

  • Learn the critical success factors to have in place in order to pre-sell your on-line program.
  • Solidify the right on-line program to deliver this year to the right market who will buy it.
  • Develop your program promise & learning outcomes your market will say YES to!
  • Outline the high level modules of your on-line program that feel realistic to sell.
  • Explore the best options to structure & price your on-line program so you are ready to pre-sell.
  • Identify and outline your first on-line module so you are ready for your launch.
  • Learn how to turn the foundation of your program into marketing copy to launch it.
  • Get hot-seat coaching & all your questions answered on how to pre-sell your program.

At the end of the training, you will leave with these tools*:

  • Pre-Sell Value: The value & benefits of pre-selling and why it's great for procrastinators!
  • Pre-Sell Checklist: The critical steps to complete to successfully pre-sell your program.
  • Pre-Sell Process: Where and how to pre-sell your program with confidence and ease.
  • Topic Launcher Template: Clarifies the right topic and target market for your on-line program.
  • Set Direction Template: Sets the foundation and drives content creation for your program.
  • Content Creation Process: The most rapid and cost effective way to create your content.
  • Marketing Content: Marketing copy to help market and pre-sell your on-line program.
  • Follow-up Momentum Call: Follow-on Group Call to track progress and get 1:1 Coaching.
  • BONUS 30-Min Pre-Call: To ensure a successful "Get-it-Done" day, it's important you are implementing the "right" program to pre-sell and you have the materials you need at your fingertips for the workshop. Prior to the program Jean Marie will hold a 1:1 Pre-call with you to solidify your program topic and ensure you are ready to hit the ground running.
  • BONUS DONE-FOR-YOU Presentation Template: You will receive a completely formatted PPT or Keynote presentation ready to fill in from opening & icebreaker to close & offer (It even comes with key questions to complete each section easily). This Presentation Template will cut your on-line module creation time in half! The template can be used for an on-line module, a single webinar or a webinar series (Valued at $397).

*P.S. The process & tools in this program apply whether your follow-on program is on-line, live or a combo of both.

When is it? What if I can't attend live? Any pre-requisites?

  • DATE: FRIDAY, June 7, 2019
  • TIME: 8am - 3pm PT/9am - 4pm MT/11am-6pm ET (with Live Q&A and short breaks)
  • WHERE: On-line at your computer (via Zoom audio/video)
  • 1 hr FOLLOW-UP MOMENTUM CALL (1 week following)

If you cannot attend the entire workshop live, not to worry! 

Every registered participant will get:

  • Acces to the video recordings so that you can review the virtual workshop anytime in the future.
  • Access to download all the tools and templates from the virtual workshop to use in the future. 
  • A follow-up group coaching call to review any material and answer questions so you are ready to pre-sell your program.

Attend LIVE and get the training, Q&A and HOT SEAT coaching. If you can't, you still get all the training, tools and templates.

Are there PRE-REQUISITES? YES, but just a few. Please have the following for the Pre-call:

  • The general topic for your on-line program (or live program) you want to pre-sell and an idea of what you think you'd like to cover in it. We will discuss in the 1:1 Pre-Call.
  • Access to content for your program on the day of the workshop or at least an idea (from your heard) of the type of content you want the program to cover.

"The "Get Your On-Line Course Ready to Pre-Sell" program provided me with thorough step-by-step instructions from a real pro. The material is easy to follow and understand. Before Jean Marie's help, I was in a holding pattern of fear and overwhelm. Now, I feel confident and excited and I am taking specific action steps to start pre-selling my first on-line program. 

~ Jackie Cole, Healing & Life Transformation Coach

Why Invest in this Virtual Workshop?

I learned about the power of pre-selling the hard way when I was a consultant over 25 years ago. Our CEO would come back from a client meeting and tell us we had to create something he promised to them. What? He promised it before it was even created? How could he do that? 

I soon came to realize the power of pre-selling. He sold to the client exactly what they needed and he only offered something he knew we could deliver on. This way, we did not waste any extra time, energy or money. 

I didn't realize how critical this skill was until I had my own business. I started noticing a pattern...I would always reach my client deadlines on time, but my internal deadlines (for things like completing my on-line program) would come and go...or stay on my to-do list week to week. Can you relate?

Then I decided to pre-sell my on-line program in 2011. 12 sales and 30 days later, I launched my on-line program. It's amazing how a sale (or 12 sales) can motivate you! But, even more importantly, I was getting paid to complete my program! I utilize this process not just for on-line programs but for workshops, speeches, books and other on-line products.

In this virtual workshop, I am going to teach you exactly what you need to have in place to pre-sell your program AND you are going to complete the design of the first module WHILE we are together so you are ready to launch the following week (if you would like to)! A workshop like this (with the templates and tools) would normally cost thousands of dollars. 


YES! Count me IN!

You'll recoup this investment (and most likely more) with the very first sale of your on-line program. AND, you won't just learn the process. You will roll up your sleeves and have time to COMPLETE the first module during the workshop! I am so committed to you being 100% satisfied with this workshop that I decided to offer a 30 day Money-back guarantee. I stand by that guarantee (and will ensure you get what you need within those 30 days). 

Here's what I also know. Once you get your program ready to pre-sell, you gotta deliver on the goods! So, to cut your content creation time in half, I've added a sweet BONUS for you:

"DONE-FOR-YOU" Presentation Template BONUS (Valued at $397) 

What is this? A completely formatted PPT or Keynote presentation ready to fill in with instructions and tips on how to write your opening and icebreaker to your close and offer. This DONE-FOR-YOU Presentation Template can be used to create your on-line modules, a single webinar or a webinar series. Imagine having a Training template already done and all you have to do is fill it in?

The BONUS alone is worth the program itself! (Valued at $397)

Are you ready to get your message out to a whole lot more people? Are you done trading time for dollars and ready to bring in passive income while you sleep? 

YES!? Then, Let's DO THIS together!

(Oh and by the way, you can count on the process being FUN because if it's not fun, I'm not doin' it. Are you up for FUN?)

AWESOME! So...what are you waiting for?

Why is NOW the Best Time to OFFER your On-Line Program?

  • You have valuable expertise. By not monetizing it into an on-line program, you are leaving loads of $$ on the table! (And you are depriving all the amazing people who could benefit from your brilliance)
  • You're tired of answering the same questions from from every talk and workshop. An on-line program can alleviate that, providing global access to you, greater impact & more $$.
  • On-line programs add increased value to your mix of offerings which turns into increased deal size in the selling process. (Who doesn't want bigger deals?)
  • You are done selling your time! It's time to create product and, make money while you sleep. Instead of dreaming about more $$ in your bank account you can actually wake up to more $$ in your bank account!

Stop leaving money on the table and wasting more time. 

End procrastination. Ditch the perfection.

Pre-sell your on-line program and achieve financial freedom NOW!

Get Your On-Line Program Ready to Pre-Sell 

FRIDAY, JUNE 7, 2019 8am - 3pm Pacific/9am-4pm Mountain/11am - 6pm Eastern

Includes Live Coaching throughout and a Follow-up Momentum Group Call

Create this in the Virtual Workshop:

  • Program Topic
  • Program Target Market
  • Program Promise & Outcomes
  • High Level Program Module Outline
  • Structure & Pricing Options
  • Detailed Outline for Module 1
  • Next Steps/Action Items

Leave With These Tools & Templates:

  • Pre-Sell Value & Benefits
  • Pre-Sell Checklist
  • Pre-Sell Process
  • Topic Launcher Template
  • Set Direction Template
  • Content Creation Process
  • Marketing Copy Process

BONUS DONE-FOR-YOU Presentation Template(Valued at $397)  


Not sur if this program is for you? Got questions? Let's hop on the phone to have a chat. Just email Jean Marie at or call 720-295-3104. 

We are here to support you in getting your message out to the world one program at a time!

"Learning from Jean Marie was a pleasure. She skillfully broke down the process of pre-selling an on-line program into manageable parts. During the live training, she interacted with each participant and offered valuable feedback. Jean Marie's course materials and personal attention made “Get Your On-Line Course Ready to Pre-Sell” a worthwhile business investment." 

~ Irene, Life Coach, New York, New York

Meet Your Instructor

Jean Marie DiGiovanna, Founder of Workshop University

Jean Marie DiGiovanna is a master of experiential learning. She is a certified coach, speaker and educator with over 25 years experience in training, consulting and instructional design. She started her Corporate Training & Coaching business in 1998 serving clients globally and she helps Speakers, Coaches and Authors monetize their message into workshops, webinars and on-line programs. As a member of NSA since 2005 she has presented both nationally and internationally and was named a Top 10 Coach of Boston by Women’s Business Boston. She is co-author of Success is a State of Mind alongside Mark Victor Hansen, Les Brown and Deepak Chopra and author of Wake Up To Your Life: Powerful Monthly Workouts for the Mind, Heart & Soul. A resident of Boulder, Colorado, Jean loves to ski fast, bike leisurely, make art and dance to live Latin music.  

100% Money-Back Guarantee

I’m confident when you attend the "Get Your On-Line Program Ready to Pre-Sell" Virtual Training and the follow-on momentum group call, you are going to learn the process and tools you need to get your on-line program ready to pre-sell. 

To back that up, I’ll give you 30 days from the date of the program to apply the learning. If after attending/watching the program and e-mailing your High Level Design and first Module to Jean Marie within those 30 days, you decide you have not received the value you expected we’ll give you a full refund. 100%.