Coaches/Solopreneurs: Create a Workshop or Webinar to Drive Business

Workshops and Webinars are an effective and rapid way to attract more clients and make more money…but only if you are doing them right!

Running a workshopYou have amazing expertise and wisdom. You know your stuff. You are ready to reach more people with your message. But you’re not sure how to get started.

Workshops and Webinars are a great way to reach your ideal target market and create a well-oiled engine for your 1-on-1 practice.

Stop struggling to find clients one at a time. There is a much easier way to reach a much larger audience with your message – and have a blast doing it!

At Workshop University®, you’ll learn a simple, easy-to-use process to turn your hard-earned expertise and content into money-making workshops and webinars that attract clients. And it can actually be fun! After all, you went into business to have more freedom, flexibility and fun!

Its time to cash in on your gifts and turn your expertise into money making workshops

It’s time to cash in on your gifts and make a greater impact with profitable workshops and webinars.

It’s time to stop the struggle of finding clients one at a time.

Are you ready to get started?

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