Passive Income: Develop Money-Making Webinars, Video Series & On-Line Programs

If you are not turning your expertise into powerful webinars or virtual programs, you are missing a HUGE opportunity to reach a global market and create a passive-income machine.

Create webinars and on-line courses to reach a global marketWebinars are great training tools – and offer opportunities for you to earn more. But the thought of running a webinar can be daunting.

We’re here to tell you it is possible – and it can be fun too! (Yeah, we know, call us crazy.)

Here’s the deal: You have valuable knowledge to share. If you are already delivering workshops or teleseminars, you are sitting on a goldmine. It’s time to turn your content into powerful webinars, video series or on-line programs so you can reach a much larger audience, make more and work less.

Let’s face it. There are a lot of bad webinars and virtual programs out there.
We want you to stand above the rest.

Be the best! KeyboardWorking 1-on-1 with Workshop University®, you’ll learn how to create a powerful webinar, video series or virtual program that keeps your attendees engaged AND impels them to purchase your offer. After all, you want to create programs that sell.

You don’t have to go it alone. Learn the insider secrets that will cut your time by more than half. Get access to the done-for-you tools and easy-to-use process, so you can quickly attract new clients and make more money in weeks.

Fast track your way to success with the Workshop & Webinar Success Program. Within weeks, you can promote – and deliver – your own full-blown webinar.

Don’t get left behind. Step into the 21st century and reach the global market you are meant to impact. 

How do you turn your webinars into passive-income machines?

Package them up into Video Series & On-Line Programs.

When you package your expertise into product you can sell to the masses, you create the highest leverage point in your business. This is when you are truly able to make money while you sleep. But only if you do it right!

How many online self-study courses have you purchased, only to find they are collecting “virtual” dust? You don’t want YOUR online course to collect dust!

Instead, create a course that leads to real tangible results and lasting change.
We can help you do that.

Here at Workshop University®, we have created a simple, easy-to-follow process that is super fun. It won’t even feel like work! Your clients will have a blast going through your online course, because it will be practical, immediately applicable and highly engaging.

We are experts in designing experiential online courses.

Work with Workshop university to create massive passive income by turning your expertise into powerful webinars and on-line coursesLet us help you create a passive-income machine AND make a huge impact on your market with an online course that is engaging and results-driven.

Click here to secure a discovery session so we can learn about your business. Plus, you’ll get an initial strategy to help you get started with your online course.



“In our office, we refer to our Sileo on Security (SOS) video educational series as BD and AD, Before DiGiovanna and After DiGiovanna. Before Jean brought her expertise to bear on this project, it was a disorganized, overly-comprehensive (i.e., rambling) incoherent bundle of potential. After Jean’s work on clarifying our vision, processes and outcomes, the video series became a highly-focused, tightly-produced revenue source that capitalizes on our intellectual property without my constant involvement. If you are not yet effectively monetizing your IP, I wouldn’t wait another second to book Jean..” ~ John Sileo, Speaker & Expert on Identity Theft

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