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Discover How to Attract Top-Dollar Clients and Make More Money with an Easy and Powerful Workshop and Webinar Formula.

Stop being invisible to potential clients who WANT, need
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The Secret to turning your Message into Money is…

Designing Powerful Workshops & Webinars that solve the specific pain your target market is experiencing RIGHT NOW!

RETAIL: $1997


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Here’s What You’ll Get from this
Workshop & Webinar Success Program:

Module 1: Create the Foundation

Module 2: Set the Direction

Module 3: Design for High Impact

Module 4: Develop Live Audience Engagement

Module 5: Develop On-Line Audience Engagement

Module 6: Icebreakers/Closers, Timing & Agenda

Module 7: Create Engaging Material

Module 8: Webinar Selection & Facilitation Tips

RETAIL: $1997


SNN Special - $397 (60% OFF!)

Or 2-payment Option of $250

Achieve Workshop & Webinar Success Today!

Here's What You Get

  • 8 Training Modules (45-90 min) (Valued at $4000)
  • Over 20 Downloadable Tools & Templates (Valued at $2300)
  • Personal On-Line Review of Your Design Foundation (Valued at $500)
  • Lifetime Access & Upgrades (priceless)

PLUS These Bonuses:

  • Bonus Module: “How to Price & Market Your Workshops/Webinars (valued at $500)
  • Lifetime Access & Upgrades (priceless)

Total Value = $7300+


“I start your program and then I have to put it on hold?

Don’t worry. Once you purchase the course, you have lifetime access to all the modules and templates 24/7. You can simply pick the course up when your schedule permits. Of course, we’d love for you to complete it within 6-8 weeks so that there is no delay in reaching a larger audience and getting your message out to the world!

”I don’t have my topic solidified yet?”

That’s OK because Module 1 of the course will actually show you how to uncover your signature topic(s) so you choose the right topic at the right time at the right price with the right target market. We want you to develop topics that people need right now!

“I already run workshops/webinars?”

Excellent! Congratulations for already reaching a larger audience and getting your message out to the world. If you are not getting the results you would like or you are challenged with marketing, filling or pricing them, the Workshop & Webinar Success Program will help you pinpoint the root of the issue and provide strategies for you to get the results you desire and deserve.

“I’m already doing workshops and I want to learn how to do webinars?

No problem. If you are looking to turn your keynote or existing workshops into profitable webinars so you can reach a global market, you don’t have to go it alone. The Workshop & Webinar Success Program will provide the templates and step-by-step process to turn your hard earned expertise into powerful webinars. Within weeks, you can promote – and deliver – your own full-blown webinar.

“The Workshop & Webinar Success Program has been instrumental in my success. I thought about doing a workshop for over a year. With Jean’s Program and incredible support and guidance, I presented my first workshop within weeks! The structure and content of the program make it easy to follow and implement. It’s packed with valuable information and resources that enable anyone to create a workshop, without prior experience. With this program, I have made the next step in my business that enables me to position myself as an expert and increase my visibility. Thank you so much, Jean!”

Polina Solda
Relationship Coach & Owner of Find Love and Keep It

“I do a LOT of training and Train-the-trainer courses; and yet, I still learned a ton from your program, especially around setting the foundation. Often, we have to throw something together and don't get the luxury of coming up with key messages, especially how it appeals to the marketing piece of it. The other thing I got is the whole webinar aspect which is why I signed up in the first place. Thank you for opening my eyes and making my life a lot easier!”

Pattie Porter
LCSW, Coach & Owner Conflict Connections®, Inc.

“The Workshop & Webinar Success Program was instrumental in helping me organize the vast amount of information I wanted to cover by carefully following each step of the program. When I was asked to create a series of 15-20 minute webinars, I was able to use the outline provided in the program to submit with my proposal. I was also able to pull out relevant modules and put together the short segments. The module system was pure genius!

I would not have been able to organize the series so quickly and effortlessly without using the system. Jean stands by her offer for support. How many programs can you sign up for that really deliver AND receive support as you move through it? I attribute my successful webinar series to the program”

Karen Andrew, BS, CHHC
Nutritional Health Coach

You have a BIG message to share.

You know people will benefit.

Now it’s time to turn it into powerful workshops and webinars!

Stop leaving money on the table.
It is time to cash in on your brilliance.
Let us show you how.

RETAIL: $1997


SNN Special - $397 (60% OFF!)

Or 2-payment Option of $250

“Jean is a subject matter expert on Webinars. Her amazing gift is being able to walk you through the steps of building your own webinar without being overwhelmed.

By following her guidance in building my message, I was able to use the same material from my webinar as a speech to use when I am invited to networking events with other entrepreneurs. I am a process minded person and Jean’s step by step approach allows me to use her guidance over and over again.”

Jolene McKenna
Business Coach & Consultant

“Creativity, entertainment and content are my strengths, structure is my weakness. You gave me the structure for my two-day international leadership workshop that helped elevated it; it was a hit and I’ve been invited to deliver it again. I’ve been giving workshops for over 20 years, but never actually worked with a teacher/mentor … You Rock!”

Dr. TC North
Leadership Speaker, Coach & Author of “Fearless Leaders”

“Jean’s program & expertise far exceeded my expectations. Not only can I apply everything I learned immediately, but she has a way of delivering just the right amount of information at the right time. I now have total confidence that I have a great product. Working with Jean’s programs takes so much pressure off. She always delivers above and beyond.”

Jeffrey Deckman
President, Capability Accelerators

You’ve been thinking about
running workshops and webinars.

You’ve been talking about it.

Now, it’s time to do it!

RETAIL: $1997


SNN Special - $397 (60% OFF!)

Or 2-payment Option of $250

Our 30 day Money-back Guarantee:

I’m confident when you join the Workshop & Webinar Success Program, you are going to get what you need. I also know that if you follow the steps after each module and do the work, you will begin to design your workshop or webinar and be ready to launch within 4-10 weeks.

To back that up, I’ll give you 30 days from your on-line purchase date to dive into the program and decide if it’s for you. If you decide within 30 days you are not getting the value you expected, just let us know and we’ll give you a full refund. 100%.

I'm Committed to Your Success.

Jean DiGiovanna

I created Workshop University© on the premise that each of us have a unique message to share with the world.

The world needs to hear what you have to say. Your target market is craving what you have to offer. It's time to get your message out to the world, share your unique gifts and create the thriving business you deserve

This program provides you the step-by-step process to make more money, get more clients and make a huge impact doing what you love.

The world is waiting. The time is now!

In support of your brilliance!

RETAIL: $1997


SNN Special - $397 (60% OFF!)

Or 2-payment Option of $250