Playshops for Entrepreneurs

When have you gotten your best and most creative ideas?  In the shower?  Outside on a hike?  Brainstorming with colleagues? It’s often outside of the typical “work” environment.  

Workshop University runs a series of “PLAY”shops to help you move beyond our analytical mind and activate your creative mind, your heart, body and soul because often our best ideas come when we step outside of our environment and typical ways of thinking.

Here are several Playshops that Jean delivers to your Association, Organization or Corporation:

The Heart Experiment: Get “Out of Your Mind” and Into Your Heart

What if you could access all the answers you need whenever you needed them…without thinking? What if the very organ in your body that gives you life can make you come alive in ways you never imagined? What if you could access more play, creativity and joy in your career and life?

We live in a fast-paced, instant world that is becoming unrecognizable.  We have access to solutions for every problem and unlimited information available.  But how often do we actually tap into the wisdom within ourselves to seek the answers we most need to hear? If you’ve been known or recognized for having a creative mind or you tend to “overthink” your decisions and question them afterwards, this session is for you!

This is not a session on mindfulness or intuition. It’s a session to learn how to access your heart’s desires and give you the freedom to create what you most desire.

Join us to immerse yourself in “The Heart Experiment”  to get out of your mind & into your heart  and leave this interactive session with:

  • Powerful questions to unlock your heart’s desire and access thefreedom to create
  • Practical tools to discover how to lead with your heart and manage with your mind
  • Increased confidence and greater peace around the choices you make

Like any experiment, we’ll take what works and leave you with concrete actions to immediately apply in your business and life that will catapult your personal and career success.

Session Length: 90-120 minutes

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