5 Ways to Engage Virtual Participants to do their Homework & Reach Results!

I just completed delivering the Webinar FastTrack Program (now called “The Course Catalyst Program”) to a group of dedicated participants and it was a blast! What made it so rewarding was the participants were not only eager to get their On-Line Course ready to Pre-Sell; they actually worked on the homework and fully participated every week (even those who couldn’t make the live training did the work in between the sessions).
How can you ensure your program participants actually DO the work so they can get the results promised in the program?  It’s to include what I call “Results-Oriented Learning” techniques.
Here are the top 5 “Results-Oriented Learning” techniques I consistently use to engage participants to complete the homework:
  • Include Lots of Examples – Use examples after each step you are teaching and use the same example throughout the program so participants can see how info is built up over time. Examples show level of detail so your participants can easily model it. Make sure your examples are self-explanatory and even share examples of filled in homework so they know what to shoot for. 
  • Follow a High Level Framework or Model – A step by step system is absorbed much quicker when there is a corresponding diagram or framework of the system. Your model enables visual learners to catch on easily and lets them know where you are in the process. Frameworks lock in the learning.
  • Set Clear Homework Instructions after each Session – Provide clear directions on how to access, download and fill in the homework.  Make sure your templates are .doc or a fillable .pdf file.  Allow them to easily fill in the doc once they download and open it. Be sure the homework templates are in one portal and easy to access. 
  • Request their Homework by a Specific Date for Review – This is often what makes or breaks participants achieving results.  When you request their homework by a certain date and offer to review it, the stakes are much higher and they will more likely provide it.  Make sure the date is several days before the next training session so they can get your feedback prior to meeting next.
  • Live Q&A Sessions during and after the program – After each major piece of the training, stop and hold space for Q&A so no one is left behind when you start the next section.  They may take only 5-7 minutes but doing this consistently at intervals ensures everyone stays on track. At the end of the program seek input from your participants on where they are at and what support they need to reach the course promise.  You can do this at the last session and/or through a survey.

Don’t let your Virtual Programs be part of the other 90% that participants never finish.  Include the 5 Results-Oriented Learning techniques above to ensure YOURS is the one people finish and achieve the results promised.

The measure of success of your program is not how many people bought or how much $$ you made. TRUE measure of success is what participants do after they complete it.  

Did they take action in their work or life? Did they make a change?

That is how you know you’ve succeeded.

Now, i’d love to hear from you! Share your ideas in the comments below of how you’ve engaged your Program participants to stay in the game!

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  1. You just answered a question I hadn’t quite formulated! Like you’re inside my head – in a good way! I adore your summary statement, that true success is about the change the participants experience. Speaks to such high integrity. I love it.

  2. Thank you Donna! I’m glad you resonated with it. As a Trainer at heart ultimately making an impact is what drives my business every day. Wishing you all the best in your success!

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