How We Work

How can you double your income AND your impact? By turning your powerful message and expertise into money-making workshops, webinars and online courses – and have a blast along the way!

 We can help you with any of these 3 stages. What do you need?

  • Stage 1: Design & Develop Your Program

    Set the foundation of your workshop, webinar or online course and design plug-and-pull modules that are highly experiential. This creates lasting change for your attendees and drives follow-on business.

    — Learn how —


  • Stage 2: Market & Price Your Program

    Design the marketing strategy and set the right price for your workshop, webinar or online course. This is critical to reaching the right market at the right time, so you can fill your events and sell your products.

    — Learn how —


  • Stage 3: Deliver & Sell Your Program

    Workshop facilitation and selling from the stage is very different than speaking. Learn the art and science of facilitating workshops and webinars, so you can have raving fans and get business every time.

    — Learn how —


It’s time to package your hard-earned expertise into money-making workshops, webinars and online courses.

It’s time to work less and earn more!

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