Engage Your Meeting & Conference Attendees

Conference and Meeting Attendees want more than just education and great networking. They want to leave with deeper connections and relationships built on a strong foundation.  

This can happen much faster and easier when your Meeting or Conference has Experiential Networking built in to the process.

Jean Marie’s facilitation style and engaging exercises will transform how your attendees make connections and take action after the event.  Her programs will turn your event into a lasting memorable experience.

Jean Marie customizes these program for your meeting or conference:

Experiential Networking & MasterMinding

Connections are one of the most valuable takeaways that attendees get from your Meeting or Conference.  While the education is great and the learning is fabulous, it’s the connections that will continue long after that conference.  How can your conference or meeting create an environment for deeper connections and masterminding where attendees can learn from each other as well as the speakers?

It’s time to leverage the talent and genius in the room and create the Conference of a lifetime!

In this highly engaging program, meeting attendees will leave with:

  • A new way to network that will not feel like “work”
  • Tips, tools and resources from their fellow attendees that they can put into action immediately
  • Deeper and more lasting connections long after the conference
  • Knowing other attendees beyond their business or why they are there
  • A memorable experience that has them keep coming back year after year

Attendees remember who they met more than who they heard speak.

Watch your attendees sign up for the next conference before they leave the current one!

Now What? Making Actions Stick after a Conference or Meeting

It’s the last day of the Conference or Off-Site. Attendees are filled up with information and they are tired and ready to go home.  How do you engage them so the nuggets they learned get applied when they go back to their office?  True success of your meeting is not measured by what happens at the meeting.  It’s measured by what attendees do when they get back to their office.  Have they taken action in their work or life as a result of attending your Conference?

In this highly engaging program, attendees will leave with:

  • A refreshed way to look at their conference learning so they don’t feel overwhelmed
  • Specific actions that are realistic and doable to take on when they get back to their office
  • Accountability buddies to help them stay on track with their actions
  • A commitment to take their actions on and apply the learning

Contact Jean Marie now to schedule these programs for your Conference, Meeting or Off-Site!

Bio for Jean Marie DiGiovanna

A master of experiential learning – a powerful approach that creates lasting results

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Jean Marie DiGiovanna, CPCC and founder of Workshop University®, is a certified coach, speaker and educator with over 20 years’ experience in corporate training, consulting and instructional design.

Jean Marie has delivered hundreds of workshops and webinars on business and life strategies and has spoken nationally and internationally, helping organizations and entrepreneurs get their unique message out to the world.

A long-time member of the National Speakers Association, Jean Marie was also named one of the top 10 Coaches of Boston by Women’s Business Boston in 2007. She is a published co-author of Success is a State of Mind alongside Mark Victor Hansen, Les Brown and Deepak Chopra and author of Wake Up To Your Life: Powerful Monthly Workouts for the Mind, Heart & Soul. A resident of Boulder, Colorado, Jean loves to ski fast, bike leisurely and dance to live Latin music.