Develop your Leaders and Teams for High Performance

Your PEOPLE are your #1 Resource.

How are you developing, challenging and motivating them for high performance?

Engage your group with a master of experiential learning – a dynamic presenter who enables Leaders and their teams to think and approach their work differently.

A highly sought-after global speaker, corporate trainer and executive coach, Jean Marie DiGiovanna offers a unique gift for helping leaders and their teams uncover and embrace their unique talents to achieve high performance that leads to lasting change. She knows how to create an engaging and highly effective learning environment that creates trust, openness and a willingness for attendees to shift for the greater good while having FUN! (Yes, training can actually be enjoyable!)

Every Program is Customized.

Our Programs adhere to the following guiding principles:

  • Customized to your specific needs and relevant to your business
  • Highly interactive and experiential
  • Practical and immediately applicable
  • Working sessions
  • Actionable and results-driven
  • Engaging and Fun!


Leadership Skills for Service Professionals – We cover the foundation for Leadership, the four pillars and principles critical to being an effective leader, how to lead with confidence, delegate with ease and coach, mentor and inspire others to utilize their skills, gifts and talents and reach their highest potential.

Fundamentals of Consulting Skills We dive into the core competencies and behaviors required to be a stellar consultant.  From Relationship Building and Communication to Powerful Questioning, Active Listening and Influencing skills.  We learn techniques for problem solving and distinguishing client’s wants vs. needs and practice the critical skills to leading by listening.

Facilitation Skills 101 – Reviews the role of Facilitator, how to prepare, plan and facilitate a group to consensus.  We dive into and practice specific facilitation techniques for group engagement, brainstorming, assessing and decision-making.

Speak with Confidence – Process, tools and techniques to design, develop and deliver high-impact presentations, sales calls, client meetings, off-sites or speeches. Use of video quickly uncovers what is working and what needs work.  Positive and constructive feedback is utilized for rapid skill improvement.

Client Management – Learn the techniques and skills to develop, build and manage client relationships to increase client retention and become referred 100% of the time.  We cover the critical skills of expectation setting, powerful questioning, active listening, scope management, conflict management and meeting management.

Project Management 101 – Learn the fundamentals, process and tools for structuring, estimating and planning projects and the critical skills of expectation setting, scope management, team management, conflict management, client management and meeting management.

Coaching Skills for Leaders & Managers – Defines what coaching is and is not, reviews process, tools and techniques for asking powerful questions, staying curious, listening effectively, empowering, educating and influencing.  For Director level and above.  Can be catered to create a coaching culture across the organization as well.

Effective Meetings that Lead to Results – Meetings that don’t lead to tangible results cost organizations millions of dollars.  We cover the critical success factors to running effective meetings and how to ensure every meeting has a clear purpose and leads to specific actions and results.  We dive into experiential exercises  to practice techniques for keeping meetings focused and on-track.

Mastering Conflict & Holding Difficult Conversations – Addresses the barriers that get in the way of dealing with conflict and specific techniques to overcome those barriers. We practice experiential exercises to apply the step-by-step process for delivering feedback  and review tools and techniques to master confrontation in the workplace.

Advanced Facilitation Skills – Reviews the Facilitation Process from preparation and planning to delivery and follow-up. We cover Facilitation styles, techniques for creative thinking, handling challenging behavior and techniques for influencing and persuading.

Team Work that Works – Reviews Team Interaction styles, how each style impacts the other and how best to flex your style to work most effectively with others.  Attendees move through experiential exercises to explore their own strengths and challenges and what it takes to work in synergy as a team.

Creative Thinking Techniques for Problem Solving – Tools, techniques and exercises to foster creative thinking within your organization and with your clients.  We practice experiential exercises you can use to solve business problems and think beyond the ordinary to come up with innovative ways to approach initiatives and challenges.

Work/Life Mastery – Balance is a process, not a place to get to.  It is truly possible in the workplace to master work/life balance.  We explore what balance is, how to achieve it and the specific steps necessary to create balance at work on a day-to-day basis.

Time Management for Busy Professionals – Time is constant, but we can manage our priorities, our responses and how we set boundaries and push back.  We explore tools and techniques to manage your inbox, juggle priorities, shift your mindset and learn how and when to say no and how to train others to work with what works for you.

High Impact Training that Sticks (Train-the-Trainer) –  We explore the 7-step model, tools and techniques to design, develop and deliver high impact workshops, seminars, presentations and training courses within the organization. We dive into experiential exercises that shift the learning from audio to “in their bones” so the change in behavior or tasks are permanent.  Targeted to those who are responsible for training and development within the organization.

The Business of Play –  Organizations that foster engagement, innovation, creativity and play in the workplace have happier employees, more satisfied customers, increased retention and increased bottom line results. Learn how to create an environment that encourages growth through creativity and play. When work becomes play, your employees will stay.

Training to Improve the Performance of Your Virtual Teams

The following Training courses and facilitated sessions have been specifically designed to assist teams who work virtually. The nuances and challenges of working in a virtual environment are addressed. The training is delivered over a virtual tool that allows for high interaction and group engagement/breakouts throughout the training.  The courses can also be available on-demand as e-learning courses inserted directly into your current LMS or hosted on our LMS system.

Team Norming for Virtual Teams For new teams or teams that have been together but have not officially “normed”, this session is facilitated with all team members to help uncover team needs, concerns, challenges and quirks. Each area is discussed and team norms are identified out of the virtual discussion.

Team Sunset Reviews for Virtual Teams – At the end of a project or major task a team has accomplished, we uncover what worked, what didn’t and how to improve in the future. In addition, tools, templates and processes for reuse are identified. Next steps and actions are captured with accountability to ensure the teams successes and learning impacts the bottom line of the organization.

How to Coach Your Virtual Team to Success – Leading a virtual team is an art and a science. We review specific coaching techniques that can be used in a virtual team environment and what to do when it’s not working so that the team and project get back on track immediately.

Communicating & Teamwork that Works Across Time Zones – Working virtually is not always easy, especially across different cultures and time zones. We review specific tools and techniques to ensure communication is healthy, open and improves team and project effectiveness.

Mastering Confrontation & Difficult Behavior on a Virtual Team – Conflict and difficult behavior come up on every team. Dealing with them in a virtual environment has its nuances. We review a process for mastering confrontation in a virtual team and dealing with difficult behavior with team members that are not co-located.

Running Virtual Meetings that Lead to Results– Ineffective meetings cost organizations millions of dollars. Now, add the dimension of a distributed team and the level of frustration and challenges double. Learn how to set clear meeting norms and define the technology, purpose and process  for your virtual meetings so they stay focused, on-track and results-driven.

Time Management Strategies that Keep Virtual Teams Focused & On-Track – Time is constant, but we can manage our priorities, our responses and how we set boundaries and push back. These skills are even more critical when working virtually. This course will cover the tools and techniques to manage your inbox, juggle priorities and shift your mindset to learn how and when to say no while training others how to best work with you in a virtual environment.

Mastering Work/Life Balance in a Virtual Environment – Managing work/life balance in a virtual environment can be challenging. It can feel isolating and requires an increased level of motivation to achieve on a daily basis. Work/life balance is a  process of awareness and decision-making in every moment. In this course, we explore what balance is, how to achieve it and the specific steps necessary to create balance while working virtually on a day-to-day basis..

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For a more detailed look at our approach to Training and the steps involved, check out our 3-Stage Process.

New Employee Orientation/Bootcamp Program Design

Workshop University® works closely with key Executives and influencers in your organization to identify the core competencies, skills and behaviors necessary for new employees to assimilate as rapidly into the environment as possible. The following outcomes are delivered:

  • Mission, Goals & Desired Results of your Orientation Program
  • Core Competencies & Behaviors
  • Learning Objectives & Program Modules
  • Delivery Mechanism for each Program Module
  • Bootcamp Program Design over Timeline
  • Project Plan with Implementation Steps
  • Rollout Plan for Bootcamp

Workshop University® can also lead and deliver the rollout of the Orientation Program depending on the training needed and resources within your organization.

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Executive Coaching & Team Development

Workshop University® delivers 1-on-1 Coaching and Team Facilitation to Executives, Directors,  Managers and their teams to develop their Visionary, Leadership and Team Development skills and behaviors for high performance. Coaching and Group Facilitation from an outside 3rd party provides an environment for open and candid communication committed to assisting your Team and Leader’s growth and development. We may address one or more of the following areas:

Executive & Leadership Coaching

  • Leadership and Management Mastery
  • Dealing with Confrontation
  • Behavior Development
  • Career Advancement
  • Coaching Skills to Lead a High Performing Team
  • Communication and Team Effectiveness
  • Running Effective Meetings
  • Time & Priority Management
  • Presenting, Facilitating and Leading Workshops, Presentations or Seminars
  • Work/Life Balance

Team Development

  • Team Norming SessionUpfront meeting with newly formed teams or teams in transition to clearly define the rules of operation for working together to minimize future conflict, misinterpretation and miscommunication. We review expectations on modes and frequency of communication, process for resolving conflict, giving & receiving feedback, managing scope and running effective meetings.
  • Team Role, Responsibility and Accountability Clarification – Identification of roles/responsibilities/accountability, and expectations. Clarification up-front increases team productivity and minimizes finger pointing, conflict and tension.
  • Team Interventions – Issue resolution for teams that are not functioning at optimum level. A third party can bring an objective view and can provide a safe environment for open and candid communication.
  • Sunset Review SessionMeeting held with the team following the completing of their project. Covers areas of communication, teamwork, productivity, methodology, client management and scope management. We discuss what worked, what didn’t work, lessons learned and opportunities for reuse.

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Bio for Jean Marie DiGiovanna View More:

Jean Marie DiGiovanna, CPCC and founder of Workshop University®, is a certified coach, speaker and educator with over 25 years of experience in corporate training, consulting and instructional design.

Jean Marie knows what it’s like to run large scale training courses when she was thrown in to train over 100 employees a month at a fast growing high tech consulting firm in the early 90’s called Cambridge Technology Partners. Jean was one of the Founding Partners and helped grow the company from 90 people in Cambridge, MA to over 4000 worldwide in nine years.

She became the first internal Practice Manager (when every role was billable) and built it into a Global role creating the Design Service methodology and training project teams across the globe to ensure Designing IT Systems was of the highest quality and delivery. She soon became the go-to person for Team Interventions and led Leadership and Executive Off-Sites.

When the company could not sustain the growth, Jean helped create the company’s Core Values, Guiding Principles and Core Curriculum for New Employees to assimilate them as quickly as possible into their Consulting Role. She taught Consulting skills, Facilitation Skills, Consensus Building and Presentation Skills.

Jean Marie left in 1998 and started her Corporate training and Coaching Business serving clients in the high tech, biotech, pharmaceutical and insurance industry. She works with Corporate Leaders and their Teams to create lasting change and bottom line results.

She has been a member of the National Speakers Association since 2005 and has presented both nationally and internationally.  She was named a Top 10 Coach of Boston by Women’s Business Boston, is the co-author of Success is a State of Mind alongside Mark Victor Hansen, Les Brown and Deepak Chopra and is the author of Wake Up To Your Life: Powerful Monthly Workouts for the Mind, Heart & Soul. A resident of Boulder, Colorado, Jean loves to ski fast, bike leisurely and dance to live Latin music.

Partial Client List

    • Akibia
    • Astrazeneca
    • Avon Corporation
    • Boston Consulting Group
    • Babson College
    • Boston College
    • Blue Cross Blue Shield
    • Caliper Life Sciences
    • Celanese International
    • Novell
    • Cognizant
    • Deloitte Consulting
    • Delta Airlines
    • Endeca
    • McKinsey & Company
    • Mendix
    • MIT Sloan School
    • New England Consulting Partners
    • Novell
    • Partners HealthCare
    • Razorfish
    • Simon-Kucher & Partners
    • Unica Corporation
    • Veracode
    • Vertex Pharmaceuticals
    • Viant