Develop your Leaders and Teams for High Performance

Your PEOPLE are your #1 Resource.

How are you developing, challenging and motivating them for high performance?

Engage your group with a master of experiential learning – a dynamic educator who inspires leaders and their teams to think, work and lead differently.

A highly sought-after International speaker, corporate trainer and executive coach, Jean Marie DiGiovanna offers a unique gift for helping leaders unlock hidden potential and new ideas within and across their teams to achieve lasting results. She knows how to create an engaging learning environment that fosters trust, openness and transformation while having FUN! (You mean training can be FUN?)

Every Program is Customized. Because one size does not fit all.

Each Program we deliver follows these guiding principles:

  • Customized to your specific needs and addresses your current challenges.
  • Highly interactive and experiential.  Exercises are relevant to your business.
  • Tools and techniques are practical and immediately applicable.
  • Working sessions (Meaning participants are doing the work not just learning how to do it).
  • Actionable and results-driven (Actions identified throughout the program, not just at the end).
  • Engaging and Fun! (Because if it’s not, the learning doesn’t happen)

Looking for a Keynote Speaker or Closing Speaker on Leadership & Innovation for your next off-site, annual or regional meeting?

  • Watch Jean Marie share her Principles of Renaissance Leadership at: Jean Marie Speaks.

Looking to develop strong LEADERS & high-performing TEAMS that create lasting results

Deep Dive Programs on Leadership & Innovation

6-Month Renaissance Leadership Development Program – Sets the foundation for strong Leadership by diving into the Core Renaissance Leadership principles that unlock hidden potential and new ideas among their team and inspire and motivate their teams to handle rapid change and achieve beyond what they thought was possible. Leave with advanced visioning and coaching skills, strong executive presence and tools to innovate, manage and influence up, down and across the organization.  (6 Month Program with 1:1 Coaching).

1-day a Month Training Sessions cover the following topics*:

  • Session 1: Foundation for Leadership: Visioning, Trust, Engagement
  • Session 2: Powerful Communication: Up, Down and Across the Organization
  • Session 3: Leader as Coach: Inspire and Motivate your Teams
  • Session 4: Influence and Executive Presence
  • Session 5: Managing Change and Assessing Risk
  • Session 6: Innovation & Continuous Improvement

*Session topics and content are customized based on your Leadership team’s needs

3 to 6-Month Renaissance Leadership Program for Emerging Leaders – Distinguishes Leader from Manager. Sets the foundation for being an effective leader and dives into skills and techniques for managing, coaching and leading your team to success. Techniques for delegating, mastering conflict and managing up and across the organization. Running effective 1:1’s and team meetings and leading and speaking with confidence. (4-6 Month Program with 1:1 Coaching). 

1-day Training sessions cover the following topics*:

  • Session 1: Leading vs. Managing: How to be Seen as a Leader
  • Session 2: Effective Communication & Expectation Setting
  • Session 3: Goal-Setting, Prioritization and Managing Conflict
  • Session 4: Effective Presentation and Meeting Management (1:1 and with Team)
  • Session 5: Time Management & Delegation
  • Session 6: Execution and Motivation

*Session topics and content are customized based on your Emerging Leader’s needs

Leadership Skills for Service Professionals – The foundation for Leadership, the Renaissance Leadership principles critical to being an effective leader, how to lead with confidence, delegate with ease and coach, mentor and inspire others to utilize their skills, gifts and talents and reach their highest potential. (1 or 2 days)

Tried & True Coaching Skills for Leaders & Managers – Defines what coaching is and is not, reviews process, tools and techniques for asking powerful questions, staying curious, listening effectively, empowering, educating and influencing.  For Director level and above.  Can be catered to create a coaching culture across the organization as well. (2 hr, 1/2 day, full day or E-Learning Course)

Speak with Confidence & Executive Presence – Process, tools and techniques to design, develop and deliver high-impact presentations, sales calls, client meetings, off-sites or speeches. Use of video quickly uncovers what is working and what needs to shift.  Positive and constructive feedback is utilized for rapid skill improvement. (1 or 2 days)

Creative Thinking Techniques for Problem Solving – Tools, techniques and exercises to foster creative thinking within your organization and with your clients.  Highly experiential with exercises to solve business problems and think beyond the ordinary to come up with innovative ways to approach current initiatives and challenges. (2 hr, 1/2 day or full day)

Fundamentals of Consulting Skills Learn the core competencies and behaviors required to be a stellar consultant.  From Relationship Building and Communication to Powerful Questioning, Active Listening and Influencing skills.  Learn and apply techniques for problem solving and distinguishing client’s wants vs. needs and practice the critical skills to leading by listening. (1 or 2 days)

Personal Branding from the Roots Up Unique Branding program for ERG Leaders, ERG Members and their Allies. A strong personal brand can act as a calling card, showcasing unique talents and areas of expertise. For BIPOC, minorities and women, personal branding can seem contradictory to cultural norms, and pose a challenge to self-promote. In this highly engaging talk, learn the critical success factors to creating a personal brand that taps into innate strengths, core values, cultural truth and professional capabilities. Leave with strategies to articulate one’s unique gifts and talents, differentiate to advance in one’s career, land key projects and be top of mind for promotions (Virtual Program – 8 (90 min sessions) every 2 weeks for 3 months)

Contact Jean Marie now to discuss your Leadership Development needs.

Programs for Women Leaders

Leadership Series for Female Leaders & Managers – These workshops specifically serve Women Leaders and Managers across all levels of the organization. They can be delivered virtually or in-person between 2-2.5 hours.

The Language of Success for Female Executives – One of the biggest challenges Women Leaders face in a male dominated environment is gender stereotypes. It’s critical to understand the perceptions that exist and how to counter those perceptions with intentional shifts in your language. In this program, you will discover:

  • The five common perceptions of Women Leaders that impact day-to-day interactions.
  • The language to powerfully speak into the listening of others so you are respected and heard.
  • How to free up your energy for what’s most important to your success and let go of the rest.

The Five Pathways to Your Personal Power – One of the biggest challenges When confronted by challenging situations, do you speak your truth and stand up for what is important to you or do you give your power away? Challenging situations and people can trigger us and take us off our game. When you tap into personal power, you can be fully heard & seen. In this Program, you will discover:

  • What personal power means to you and when you give it away.
  • The five pathways to your personal power and the power centers that drive each one.
  • How to access your personal power so you can be heard, be seen and be unstoppable.

Strategic Influencing Skills that Break Down Gender Bias –Do you feel like you are playing the same “game” that your male counterparts are playing or do you often feel like the “outsider” wanting in? In order to play the game, we have to understand the strategies that are used and explore how to best leverage those strategies to our strengths. In this Program, you will discover:

  • How to leverage the 3 key strategies your male counterparts use to influence decisions.
  • The missing link to making powerful requests that lead to change.
  • The critical success factors to being seen, recognized and valued for the difference you make.

Learn the Female Archetypes to Increase Leadership Agility & Impact  –As a female leader, we each bring a multitude of strengths and talents to the table, but too often many remain dormant or under-expressed due to the circumstances, people or barriers in the environment. In this Program, you will discover:

  • How to uncover and amplify your superpowers to become a more agile leader.
  • The Five Female Archetypes you can access to become a more powerful leader.
  • How to access the 5 Archetypes to move through challenges and make a greater impact.

To inquire about bringing these workshops into your organization or to book Jean Marie for your Women’s Conference, Call +1 720-295-3104 or Email

Programs to Increase Team Effectiveness & Productivity

Running Effective Meetings that Lead to Results – Ineffective meetings cost organizations millions of dollars.  Stop losing money the minute you walk out of a meeting! Learn the critical success factors to running effective meetings and how to ensure every meeting has a clear purpose and leads to specific actions and results.  Highly experiential exercises to practice the techniques for handling difficult behavior and keeping meetings focused and on-track. (2 hr, 1/2 day or full day)

Mastering Conflict & Holding Difficult Conversations Learn the science behind Conversational Intelligence (by Judith Glazer) and how the brain works in conversations.  Addresses the barriers that get in the way of dealing with conflict and specific techniques to overcome those barriers. Practice experiential exercises to apply the step-by-step process for delivering feedback  and review tools and techniques to master conflict as it arises. (1/2 day or full day)

Team Work that Works – Learn Team Interaction styles, how each style impacts the other and how best to flex your style to work most effectively with others.  Practice experiential exercises to explore your own strengths and challenges and what it takes to work in synergy as a team. (2 hr, 1/2 day or full day)

Work/Life Mastery – Balance is a process, not a place to get to.  It is truly possible in the workplace to master work/life balance.  Explore what balance is, how to achieve it and the specific steps necessary to create balance at work on a day-to-day basis. (2 hr or 1/2 day or E-Learning Course)

Time Management for Busy Professionals – Time is constant, but we can manage our priorities, our responses and how we set boundaries and push back.  Learn the tools and techniques to manage your inbox, juggle priorities, shift your mindset and learn how and when to say no and how to train others to best work with you. (2 hr, 1/2 day or full day or E-Learning Course)

Facilitated Programs to Increase Team Effectiveness

Workshop University® facilitates sessions with newly formed teams, existing teams and teams in transition at the Executive, Departmental and Project Team level in these areas:

Leadership & Team Off-SitesProfessional facilitation of leadership and department/regional off-site meetings from 1-3 days.  Bringing in a 3rd party facilitator enables each participant to contribute fully and equally and assists the group in coming to consensus and decisions more effectively and objectively.

Team Norming SessionUpfront meeting with newly formed teams or teams in transition to clearly define the rules of operation for working together to minimize future conflict, misinterpretation and miscommunication. We review expectations on modes and frequency of communication, process for resolving conflict, giving & receiving feedback, managing scope and running effective meetings.

Team Role, Responsibility and Accountability Clarification – Identification of roles/responsibilities/accountability, and expectations. Clarification up-front increases team productivity and minimizes finger pointing, conflict and tension.

Team Interventions – Issue resolution for teams that are not functioning at optimum level. A third party can bring an objective view and can provide a safe environment for open and candid communication.

Sunset Review SessionMeeting held with the team following the completing of their project. Covers areas of communication, teamwork, productivity, methodology, client management and scope management. We discuss what worked, what didn’t work, lessons learned and opportunities for reuse.

Programs to Improve Virtual Team Performance (2 hr virtual sessions)

How to Coach Your Virtual Team to Success – Leading a virtual team is an art and a science. Learn specific techniques for coaching in a virtual team environment and the subtleties in a virtual environment so that the team and project get back on track without losing time, energy or money.

Communication & Teamwork that Work Across Time Zones – Working virtually is not always easy, especially across different cultures and time zones. Learn the specific tools and techniques to ensure communication is healthy, open and improves team and project effectiveness for dispersed teams.

Mastering Confrontation & Difficult Behavior on a Virtual Team – Conflict and difficult behavior come up on every team. Virtual environments create a new level of challenges.  Learn the process for mastering confrontation in a virtual environment and dealing with difficult behavior with team members that are not co-located.

Running Virtual Meetings that Lead to Results– Ineffective meetings cost organizations millions of dollars. Now, add the dimension of a distributed team and the level of frustration and challenges double. Learn how to set clear meeting norms and define the technology, purpose and process  for your virtual meetings so they stay focused, on-track and results-driven.

Time Management Strategies that Keep Virtual Teams Focused & On-Track – Time is constant, but we can manage our priorities, our responses and how we set boundaries and push back. These skills are even more critical when working virtually. Learn the tools and techniques to manage your inbox, juggle priorities and shift your mindset to learn how and when to say no while training others on how best to work with you in a virtual environment.

Mastering Work/Life Balance in a Virtual Environment – Managing work/life balance in a virtual environment can be challenging. It can feel isolating and requires an increase in motivation on a daily basis. Work/life balance is a  process of awareness and decision-making in every moment. Learn what balance is, how to achieve it and the specific steps necessary to create balance in a virtual environment.

Train-the-Trainer Program

Training-the-Trainer for Workshop U Programs –  For organizations who want to rollout Workshop University’s programs in a larger scale, we recommend a Train-the-Trainer program. We work 1:1 with your targeted trainers to equip them with the material and training to deliver the program with high quality and high impact.  Coaching and Licensing rights to the training material are also part of the Train-the-Trainer program.

Training that Creates Lasting Results –  Learn the 7-step model, tools and techniques to design, develop and deliver high impact workshops, seminars, presentations and training courses within your organization. Highly experiential exercises will help you get the learning “in your bones” so you can be the trainer that creates lasting results for our attendees.  Targeted to those who are responsible for training and development within your organization. (1 or 2 day)

To learn more about Workshop University’s E-Learning Courses, click here.

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For a more detailed look at our approach to Training and the steps involved, check out our 3-Stage Process.

Executive Coaching for C-Suite, Leadership & Management

Workshop University® LLC delivers 1-on-1 Coaching to Executives, Directors and Managers to develop their Visionary, Leadership and Team Development skills and behaviors for high performance. Coaching from an outside 3rd party provides an environment for open and candid communication committed to assisting your Leader’s rapid growth and development. In a 3-6 Month Coaching Program the following areas may be addressed:

  • Leadership Mastery
  • Visioning and Enrolling Others in the Vision
  • Inspire and Motivate your Team
  • Coaching Skills to Lead High Performing Teams
  • Dealing with Conflict and Pushing Back with Grace
  • Behavior and Performance Development
  • Career Advancement
  • Communication, Team Effectiveness and Influencing
  • Running Effective Meetings
  • Delegating and Time Management
  • Presenting, Facilitating and Leading Off-Sites, Workshops, Presentations or Speeches
  • Mastering Work/Life Balance

Contact Jean Marie now to explore Executive Coaching for you or your Leaders

Designing Your New Employee Orientation/Onboarding Program

Workshop University® LLC works closely with key Executives and influencers in your organization to identify the core competencies, skills and behaviors necessary for new employees to assimilate as rapidly into the environment as possible. The following outcomes are delivered:

    • Mission, Goals & Desired Results of your Orientation/Onboarding Program
    • Core Competencies & Behaviors
    • Learning Objectives & Program Modules
    • Delivery Mechanism for each Program Module
    • Onboarding Program Design over Timeline
    • Project Plan with Implementation Steps
    • Rollout Plan for the Onboarding Program

Workshop University® can also lead and deliver the rollout of the Orientation/Onboarding Program depending on the training needed and resources within your organization.

Contact Jean Marie now to explore Designing your New Employee Orientation/ Onboarding Program

Meet Jean Marie DiGiovanna, C.P.C.CView More:

Jean Marie DiGiovanna, President & Founder of Workshop University® LLC, is a certified coach, speaker and educator with over 25 years of experience in corporate training, consulting and instructional design.

Jean Marie knows what it’s like to run large scale training and assimilation programs when she was thrown in to train over 100 employees a month at a fast growing high tech consulting firm in the early 90’s called Cambridge Technology Partners. Jean was one of the Founding Partners helping grow the company from 90 people in Cambridge, MA to over 4000 worldwide in nine years.

She became the first internal Practice Manager and built it into a global role creating the Design Service methodology and training project teams across the globe to ensure all Project Designs were of the highest quality. She soon became the go-to person to lead team interventions, team norming sessions and leadership and executive off-sites and regional meetings.

When the company could not sustain the growth, Jean Marie helped develop the company’s core values, guiding principles and core curriculum for business problem solving so that new employees could rapidly assimilate into their Consulting Role. She delivered programs to develop consulting, facilitation, consensus building and presentation skills.

Jean Marie left in 1998 and started her Corporate training and Coaching Business serving clients across industries such as high tech, biotech, biomedical, pharmaceutical, insurance, engineering and retail. She works with Corporate Leaders and their Teams to create lasting change and bottom line results.

She has been a member of the National Speakers Association since 2005 and has presented both nationally and internationally.  She was named a Top 10 Coach of Boston by Women’s Business Boston, is the co-author of Success is a State of Mind alongside Mark Victor Hansen, Les Brown and Deepak Chopra and is the author of Wake Up To Your Life: Powerful Monthly Workouts for the Mind, Heart & Soul. Her next book, “Stop Talking. Start Asking” will be published in October 2019. A resident of Denver, Colorado, Jean Marie loves to ski fast, bike leisurely, create in her art studio and dance to live Latin music. (not necessarily in that order)

Client List

    • Abacus Travel
    • Akibia
    • Ascend Consulting
    • Arbonne International
    • Astrazeneca
    • Avon Corporation
    • BCG Boston
    • Boston Consulting Group
    • Babson College
    • Boston College
    • Blue Cross Blue Shield
    • Brandeis University
    • Caliper Life Sciences
    • Camp Bow Wow
    • CB Engineers
    • Celanese International
    • Cognizant
    • Crowe Paradis
    • Deloitte Consulting
    • Dorchester Cares
    • EC Cubed
    • Eggrock Partners (Breakaway Solutions)
    • Endeca
    • Fresenius Medical Care
    • Georgian Partners Growth LP
    • Genesis Planners
    • Gift Card Partners
    • GI Plastic
    • Gomez
    • Honeywell
    • Immersant
    • IntrinsiQ
    • Iredale Mineral Cosmetics
    • Kimberly Clark
    • Leaderonomics (SE Asia)
    • Little Sprouts
    • Love & Quiches
    • Lutheran Social Services of New England
    • McKinsey & Company
    • Mendix (Siemens)
    • Meridian Partners
    • MIT Sloan School
    • MRI Centers of New England
    • Net.Genesis
    • New England Consulting Partners
    • Novell
    • Oilspace
    • Optaros
    • Partners HealthCare
    • Phylos
    • Pipeline Deals
    • Polaris
    • Raytheon
    • Razorfish
    • RedTail Solutions
    • Semtor Inc.
    • Simon-Kucher & Partners
    • Softagon
    • Southern California Edison
    • Training Resources of America Inc.
    • Unica Corporation
    • Unilab (Philippines)
    • Veracode (US & Europe)
    • Vertex Pharmaceuticals
    • Viant (US & Europe)
    • Vodafone Business (UK)
    • University of Colorado, Denver
    • Wilcox Press